Wooden notebook stand

Materials and tools:

  1. rake;
  2. bar, the width of the bar is equal to the width of the slats;
  3. wooden dowels;
  4. saw;
  5. Drill and drill
  6. sandpaper;
  7. carpenter's glue;
  8. pencil and ruler.

Step 1

First, determine the size of the laptop - the length and width.

Take the width of the laptop and put it 4 times on the slats. Saw off 4 pieces.

Next, take a bar and saw off from it 2 bars of 3-5 cm height (or necessary for you). We make a small tilt in the bars (see photo) - we saw off or grind down a file.

Step 2

We mark the places for drilling holes into which we then insert dowels. Drill 4 holes of 2 for each rack.

Thoroughly grind with sandpaper slats.

Step 3

Getting started assembling racks. Pour glue into the holes and hammer in wooden dowels.

Step 4

Clamp or strut racks with scabs. We wait until the glue is completely dry.

With sandpaper we clean the surface of the racks from glue.

Step 5

Let's make connecting slats. Saw off from the rail 2 segment length equal to the length of the laptop.

You can round off the edges of the rails, then carefully treat with sandpaper.

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