Will abortions be banned in our country?

Currently in Russia there is a Federal Law of November 21, 2011 “On the basis of the protection of public health in the Russian Federation”. According to him, every woman, from the age of 15, can independently decide on the issue of motherhood. Up to 12 weeks of artificial termination of pregnancy can be made at the request of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Up to 22 weeks - in the case of rape. Finally, if medically indicated, an abortion can be performed at any gestational age. Moreover, any citizen of our country has the right to conduct such an operation free of charge, since abortion is covered by compulsory health insurance.
Despite the fact that in recent years in Russia there has been a decrease in operations to abort pregnancy, their number is still huge. Last year alone, more than 989 thousand abortions were registered. In this regard, representatives of somepublic movements and the government quite often raises the question of imposing a ban on abortion without good reason.
In particular, last year in the State Duma of the Russian Federation was considered a new bill on the introduction of measures to limit the right to abortion. His supporters suggested limiting the list of indications for free termination of pregnancy only to cases of rape, incest or medical reasons. The authors also wanted to ban urgent abortions, and increase the period between going to a doctor and the operation itself to 2 weeks. In addition, the bill also considered incentives for pregnant women, as well as more serious explanatory work on the consequences of such operations.
However, such changes were rejected by members of the State Duma, and the bill was sent back for revision. One of the reasons was the concern of many deputies that the official ban on abortions would not only help to solve the problem of a large number of surgeries, but could also lead to the spread of illegal abortions.

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