Why is the video not playing?

Modern technologies allow today to constantly use video materials as a source of information or simply for entertainment purposes. Video is available today on a desktop computer online or offline, on a laptop, tablet or phone. And sooner or later, each user wonders why the video does not play. In this article you will find information about why a particular device does not play video.

Video on computer

The most common problems with video playback on a computer are the lack of sound or image. If you turn on the downloaded video on your computer or you want to watch the video in real time, and there is an image, but there is no sound, then you should first check the audio device. These can be speakers, headphones, etc. If the devices are connected and in good condition, but the sound does not go - you should install drivers for audio. You can also take care of installing a codec pack, for example, the K-Lite Codec Pack.This is a very popular package that can be downloaded easily and for free.

It is important to have a really good video player on your computer that will read all formats. The most convenient and high-quality players are such well-known players as:, and. All these video players have an intuitive interface and rich functionality.

If you ask a specific question why the Internet does not play the video, you can try refreshing the browser page, refreshing the browser you are working with, enable Javascript support in the browser settings or clear the cache and cookies, then restart the browser and try to enable video again. If, for example, YouTube does not play the video, you can change the video quality to a lower one by changing the resolution. When watching a video, it’s worth waiting until the download bar begins to fill up and only then click the Play button. In the article Why video in contact does not play, you will find similar useful tips related to playing videos posted on the social network VKontakte. If you have problems with other resources on the Internet, then refer to the article What to do if the video does not show.

Video on the tablet

If your tablet does not play video, then this may also be several reasons. The most obvious is the inconsistency of the video player, which was built by the developers into your portable device. With GooglePlay, you can easily install many alternative applications that will play video in all formats. Also, the video on the tablet may not be played from the Internet. In this case, the problem is most likely in the browser or in the outdated version of Adobe Flash Player. To solve it, you need to try to play the video in another browser and, if this does not help or is impossible, update Adobe Flash Player.

Video on the phone

There are several reasons why the phone does not play video. But the most likely problem is the inappropriate image resolution. That is, you are downloading a movie from the Internet that you could easily watch on a regular computer. This video is most likely not suitable for viewing on the phone, as the parameters of the mobile device are limited to lower resolution. Exit - download a new video in another resolution or re-encode an existing one. For this online you can find many programs.Also, the phone itself may not have the ability to play one format or another.

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