Why is it useful to cook with children

It is not necessary to force the child to participate in the culinary process - he should have an interest in what the mother does in the kitchen and a desire to help her. For a start, you can allocate the child personal belongings - plates, cutting board, cutlery. Let him watch your actions and try to repeat them.
Cooking together has many advantages. A child who has been entrusted to participate in an important business will feel confident in his own abilities, he will strengthen his faith in himself, which is important for all undertakings. While sharing the kitchen, you can explain how various appliances can be dangerous, tell you about the basics of safety, so as not to be afraid that in the absence of parents, the child will want to prepare them a culinary surprise.
Cooking various dishes will help teach the child patience, and in order not to be a routine process, you can add educational notes to it - reading recipes or writing on packages, remembering the names of kitchen utensils or new products.
Watching the various processes (from boiling water to melting chocolate), the child will be interested in how and why this happens - an excellent opportunity to tell a little about physics.
The most positive in the joint preparation of food is the opportunity to spend time with the child, to communicate with him, to see new emotions.
Before you teach your child to cook with you, you need to make sure that the workplace is as safe as possible, everything you need is next to the child. Be sure to follow everything that the child does, but without the special need not to interfere in the process, giving the opportunity to show independence and fantasy.
If the child’s age does not allow him to prepare full-fledged meals, but he really wants to help his mother, you can start with simple things - washing vegetables or fruits, mixing some ingredients, cutting cookies with the help of molds.
After the joint culinary masterpiece is ready, you can set the table together - this dish will seem even tastier, and the child will be overwhelmed with emotions.

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