White summer dress

A gentlesummer dress knitted with knitting needleswith white acrylic yarn. They decorate the dress with openwork frills, crocheted, and a satin ribbon at the waist.

Materials and tools:

  1. 300 g of yarn (100% acrylic, 500 m / 100 g) of white color
  2. needles number 2;
  3. hook number 2;
  4. 120 cm satin gold ribbon 1.5 cm wide.


  1. v.p. (air. p.) - air loop;
  2. comp. Art. - connecting bar;
  3. RLS (item b / n) - a column without a crochet
  4. С1Н (item с / н) - a column with 1 накидом.

Pattern Description

Fantasy pattern: knit on schemes 1 and 2.

Frill: knit under the scheme 3.

Density of knitting, fantasy pattern No. 1, knitting needles No. 2: 35 p and 25 p = 10 x 10 cm

Size: 42/44

Knitting description

Before / back

On the knitting needles, we type 168 loops and knit with a fancy pattern according to scheme 1. On both sides, subtract 21 x 1 points in each 4th row. At the height of 88 rows from the start of knitting, we switch to knitting with a fantasy pattern according to scheme 2. At the same time, at height 88 rows from the start of knitting we add on both sides in each 5 row 10 x 1 n. At a height of 132 rows from the start of knitting, to close the neckline, close the average 22 loops and finish both sidesapart. To form the neckline, we close 10 x 3 n and 5 x 2 n rows in each 2nd row. At the same time, at a height of 140 rows from the beginning of knitting for armholes, we close on both sides in every 2nd row 11 x 2 n. At a height of 164 row from the beginning of the knitting loop closed.


Perform side seams. For each straps knit a chain of air. 16 cm long, attached to the top of the dress (between the neckline and the armhole). The neckline of the front and back and the shoulder strap is tied with a frill according to scheme 3. The armholes, including the straps (on the other hand), are also tied with a frill according to scheme 3. We tie a frill according to scheme 3 to the lower edge of the dress and the waistline (a series of transition to knitting with a fancy pattern according to 2). Between them we knit 3 more ruffles at the same distance from each other. We pass the satin ribbon into the holes in the pattern along the waist line.

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