Where is the point j?

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Where is the point j?

The question of what j is and how to look for it takes both women and men. Everyone wants sex to be pleasant, want to give pleasure to a partner. Let's start with the fact that this point is not called j (jay), but g (ji). It was named so in honor of the scientist who first described it and told the public about it - �the Gräfenberg point�, but over time the name with the name was reduced to one letter. This point is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones of a woman. A woman can get the most intense sensations from stimulation of the g-point with her fingers, but it is also possible during sex to find a position in which this point will be involved. If you can find this position, it will help you to quickly bring a woman to orgasm. It remains only to determine where the point g is.

Point g: location

There are many versions of where the point g is, men offer their options very carefully - someone says that in fact it does not exist at all, someone thinks that in all women it is located in different places and it is necessary to search for it diligently and someone does not even know why it is needed.Scientists and doctors have dispelled all these errors and accurately described where it is.

Each woman has a point g, it is located on the front wall of the vagina, at a depth of 5-6 centimeters, under the pubic bone. To the touch is represented as a seal, and in size it is from 1 to 3 centimeters. Usually, the point g is located directly in five centimeters from the entrance to the vagina, towards the stomach (you can mentally draw a line from the entrance to the navel), but sometimes the point is slightly shifted to the left or right and you need to look for it. Well, according to your own feelings or reactions of your partner, you can accurately and unambiguously determine whether you have found her or not.

Where is the point g: photo

For several reasons, the place where the point g is located is not depicted in the photo.

Such an image would be fuzzy, the picture allows you to select the necessary elements of color, so it will be more understandable. In this figure, the point g is located directly under the middle finger. It is seen that the point g is on the front wall of the vagina, in the supine position, it will be at the top under the pubic bone. You can also see how to properly find it with your fingers.

How to find the point g

Before starting the search, you need to make sure that you trust each other with your partner.It is important to show patience and understanding, not everything works out the first time, and in such an intimate process, criticism, impatience or carelessness can do much harm.

No matter how obvious it is, wash your hands before you begin, preferably in hot water, as your hands should not be cold, this will help to keep germs out and avoid discomfort. It is best to start with foreplay, they will help to relax and make the process more enjoyable.

To search for a woman, it is better to lie on your back and spread your legs, bending their knees, so the muscles of the vagina will be less tense. It is better for a man to sit side by side - in the prone position, the arms may be at the wrong angle or start to numb, the sitting position will be more comfortable and free.

In the normal state, the point g is almost indistinguishable, but it is much easier to find it in situations of strong excitement. You can detect the point immediately after orgasm, and if it is ineffective at this time, it will definitely come in handy for you next time.

Also, the point can be found during stimulation of the clitoris. To do this, you can use the second hand, or position the palm so that the middle finger was in the vagina, and the thumb on the clitoris.In moments of strong excitation in the vagina, blood circulation increases, and due to this, the point g becomes protruding and well felt to the touch, and its sensitivity also increases. It is best to stimulate a point by light pressure, the pressure force is better determined by consulting with a partner.

Even if you do not immediately manage to find the cherished point, and have to spend more time and effort than you expected, remember that this is a very rewarding lesson, and your time and effort will certainly pay off with positive emotions and pleasure in the future.

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