What to buy a kitten?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
October 9, 2014
What to buy a kitten?

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What to buy a kitten?

To the appearance of a pet in the house you need to carefully prepare. About what to get for the new tenant in the first place, we will now tell.

Top 3 things you need for a kitten

  • Tray. Take the medium-sized tray - the animal will quickly grow, and a small container will become uncomfortable for him.
  • Tray filler. You can buy an inexpensive zeolite-based absorbent filler. In contrast to the crumpling composition of bentonite clay, it does not adhere so strongly to the tray and blade, and therefore is easier to remove.
  • Bowls for food and water. It is necessary to initially buy a kitten capacity that will suit an adult animal. It is better to give preference to hypoallergenic materials - ceramics, glass.kitty

In addition, you need to buy a kitten carrying, which will be indispensable when transporting an animal. Here again, be guided by practicality and take the product "for growth". If you wish, you can buy a cozy house for your child, a game complex, a comb, shampoo.If you are going to walk it on the street, then you will need a reliable collar with a leash. Also do not forget about the various vitamins and feeds prescribed by the vet and, of course, toys.

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