What are the properties of a tenacious bedstraw?

Clutch stick is familiar to any resident of our country. It is this plant with its stems and “strives” to cling tightly to the clothes of a passerby. Therefore, most often this grass is called "sticky tape", "chain thread", "pinworm", or "scratcher". But for all its seeming uselessness, the plant has excellent healing properties that were known to our ancestors. In modern folk medicine, this plant is also used to treat various diseases.

Short description

The bedcloth is tenacious, or the bed linen is a one-year representative of the Marenov family. The plant has narrow lanceolate leaves, which are covered with the smallest hooks. Stem tenacious, supine, rising, able to reach 30-90 cm.

The flowers are small nondescript, painted white with a greenish tinge. The fruits are rounded nuts, opening two flaps, which, like the leaves,covered with small hooked setae.

The grass grows on stony slopes, fields, meadows and along roads. "Chosen" she dumps and wastelands. In addition, a prickstile tenacious can often be found on crops of flax or cereals. With the help of its small hooks, the plant easily rises along the stalk of herbs and cereals, entangling them and interchanging them. Shoots can not withstand such a load and bend down to the ground. Thus, reduced crop yields.

It's all about the composition

The roots contain such important substances as saponins, iridoids, anthraquinones, ascorbic acid and vitamin K. Also in the root part there is purpurine - a natural red pigment. In the shoot are flavonoids, iridoids and various vitamins.

Getting rid of many ailments

Official medicine does not yet use a mattress flax as a raw material for medical preparations. However, various clinical studies are being conducted, as a result of which it was revealed that drugs created on the basis of this herb have antitumor activity.

But folk healers skillfully use the useful properties of this tenacious weed for the treatment of many ailments. And, not least, all parts of the plant are used for the treatment: the stem, leaves, flowers and roots.They make not only decoctions, infusions, teas or ointments, but also use fresh juice.

We now turn to the description of the diseases that are treated with the use of a bed-bumper and methods for its use.

  1. In folk medicine, decoctions of this weed are used as an immunomodulatory and antioxidant agent.
  2. Infusions of the root have excellent expectorant properties. This is due to the substance saponin, which dilutes the sputum accumulated in the bronchi, which contributes to its removal. Also, decoctions are used as an antipyretic and antiviral agent.
  3. Fresh juice and infusions are used in and out as lotions and compresses for the treatment of skin rashes, acne, eczema, depriving and other skin diseases. Powder herbs sprinkled ulcers and purulent wounds.
  4. The plant has good hemostatic and blood-purifying properties.
  5. Broths, infusions and teas from plants have diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The herb successfully helps with urolithiasis, urinary retention, cystitis and other kidney diseases.
  6. Infusion of the roots has a strong laxative property, it is used for constipation and intestinal colic.
  7. Clawstrap complete with other herbs used in the treatment of ulcers, gastralgia, tumors of the stomach and uterus.
  8. Fresh juice and infusion treat hepatitis A and other liver diseases.
  9. Also, decoctions are useful for scarlet fever, rheumatism and ascites.

Not recommended

Not everyone is shown a bedstrawer tenacious. Its use is contraindicated:

  • pregnant and breastfeeding;
  • children up to 3 years;
  • patients with diabetes mellitus (due to diuretic properties).

The preparation of wonderful herbs

The plant is harvested during the flowering period, which occurs from the end of June to August. Escape is cut off completely at a short distance from the ground. After that, the grass is collected in small bunches and hung out for drying in the attic. You can lay out on shelves in semi-dark rooms.

The medicinal properties of a tenacious bedcloth still deserve to be appreciated by official medicine, but thanks to the folk healers and their skillful use of this miraculous weed for each person new ways to cure various diseases appear.

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