What kind of sport can be considered family

Skis, skates, bike - for a sports family

Skiing, cycling, rollerblading and ice skating is a very affordable and fun sport. Learning to skate or bike is easy, and joint walks will perfectly strengthen the family. You can arrange speed competitions or just make small trips. You can ride in specially designated places or on the street; you will not need a special place for sports. The main thing to worry about is proper protection. Be sure to buy a child's knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet, and preferably equip yourself.
Before you go on a bicycle or roller walk, explain to the child the rules of the road, or rather choose a route where there will be no highways.

Ball games - interesting for any age

The mass of family ball games allows you to spend a day off. If the whole family is big enough, you can even arrange a football match.You can also play basketball, pioneerball, volleyball. The only thing you need is a stadium or just a large playground. Football gates or a basketball ring can be made from improvised means. With small children you can play simple ball games - “Edible-inedible”, “Hot Potato”, “Dodgeball”, etc.

Joint campaigns - closer to nature

Hiking trips will help your family take a break from civilization and explore nature more closely. You can go hiking or go on a boat trip. Going for a long walk, do not forget to bring a small first-aid kit and sunscreen with you if it happens in the summer. Hike can be perfectly combined with fishing or cooking kebabs. Children will be happy to take part in this activity.
Choosing a sport, focus on the child, his interests and level of physical fitness.

Quiet sports

If your child is very tired in the sections or simply does not have the opportunity to actively engage in sports, try a more peaceful types of it. Chess, checkers and backgammon are popular intellectual sports.The child will learn logic and perseverance, which will help when learning. Another popular sport is darts. He does not require a lot of space, but is very passionate and trains his eye well. And finally, you can go with the whole family to the bowling club.

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