What is useful guava

Total known 3 varieties of guava:

  • fruit with raspberry pulp and light skin;

  • fruit with raspberry pulp, burgundy;

  • a fruit with light pulp and light peel.

It is worth noting that they use guava not only in cooking. Due to its beneficial properties, the fruit is widely used in cosmetology and nutrition.

You can meet guava in almost every tropical country, there is only one “but”: most likely, a guava somewhere in Thailand will be unripe. Want to find a really ripe guava? Then go to Indonesia! This is where you will find a really ripe mysterious tropical beauty!

Eating guava is a simple science. True, you should not bite her like a familiar apple, because the restoration of broken teeth is troublesome and expensive. It is better to take a knife and cut the fruit, and the bones can be removed immediately. And do not forget to throw out the bones, because you can not eat them.

But a guava is worth a try! After all, it contains a huge amount of useful chemical elements, for example, potassium, iodine, iron, manganese, zinc, copper.On this useful properties guava does not end there. Guava is advised to eat if you have problems with the liver, heart or stomach. Guava tea helps to improve digestion, and leaves relieve pain from wounds and abrasions.

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