What is the dream in which you see the toilet

For those who saw the toilet in a dream, you should prepare for trouble. So, in any case, the dream books are interpreted, but if there is content in it, then everything will be in order.

Summer dream

A dream with a toilet means a bad attitude on the part of the authorities. Perhaps you are guilty of work and get for this "cuffs." To get around this situation, get down to business, stop being distracted by extraneous things.

Spring dream book

When a person says, dream that I go to the toilet, do not rush to upset him. According to the spring dream book, sleep symbolizes profit, cash reward, gain, large income. Also, sleep can talk about problems in the kidneys. The cause of a dream can be a banal desire to go to the toilet.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Want to know what dreams of a big toilet? - for promotion. The toilet is dreaming of troubles, problems in family relationships, raising children. Fall into the toilet - become the owner of a large sum of money, managed to get out of it - a happy family life. To clean a dirty toilet in a dream - you will achieve your goal by not completely legal means.Build a toilet - fortunately and prosperity in business. Dirty toilet symbolizes luck, joy, wealth and complete harmony in life. The bathroom, filled with people - hopelessness, the inability to help yourself. Clean toilet to device for a new job. I dreamed that you were looking for a toilet - you need financial support.

Erotic dream book

For a man, the question of what dreams of going to the toilet mean by intimate interpretation means that he is sexually dissatisfied, is in search of new relationships and thrills. The woman who saw the toilet in a dream hides her desire to enter into same-sex intimate relationships.

Ukrainian dream book

What dreams of dirty toilet - for the money. Seeing such a dream, you can only rejoice. You can become the owner of a large win, inheritance. Go to the toilet - to a new love relationship. Just to see the restroom - to trouble, to fall into a pit of feces - to a lot of money.

Dream dream wanderer

Public toilet in dreams means conflicts, poor relationships with work colleagues. You will have a bad opinion about the staff and it will be rather difficult to prove to them that they are right.

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