What is discoloration of teeth

The main thing that every person needs to remember is that tooth discoloration is not a disease, but in no case should one ignore changes in the shade of enamel. Let us consider in more detail the causes of discoloration of teeth.
External factors:
- taking certain types of drugs ;;
- improper oral hygiene;
- excessive consumption of beverages and food containing an increased amount of dyes.
Internal factors:
- genetic predisposition;
- lack of adequate salivation;
- age changes.
Regardless of the variety of factors, there are many options for dealing with discoloration of tooth enamel. First of all it is, of course, attention to their health and proper nutrition. Regular and proper cleaning of teeth, eating quality food, visiting the dentist - all these actions should become the rule for every person.
Answer the main question, is discourse of teeth a disease? Numerous studies show that it is impossible to name a disease as a discoloritis. For example, we all know that with age enamel wears out and loses its appearance, so it takes on a yellowish tint.

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