What happens if there is honey every day

Doctors are confident that the sweet product is not only useful for the figure, but also protects against cancer ...

Doctors have long advised to replace sugar ... with honey! Like, if only the priest grows from the first and the hips are “floating”, then real honey is just as tasty, and also useful.

And now we are not talking about masks for skin and hair, but the introduction of honey into our daily diet.

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“Undoubtedly, honey is useful, but again, in moderation. And if you are going to eat honey every day, then let the amount not exceed 60−100 grams per day - is shared with Wday.rugeneral practitioner Irina Morozova.- In traditional medicine, honey is customarily considered the "friend of the stomach." For peptic ulcer disease, for example, they used to recommend 30 grams of honey in the morning, 40 grams in the afternoon, and 30 grams in the evening 1.5–2 hours before or 3 hours after eating in a solution of warm water. ”

And even if there are no problems with the stomach, honey still improves digestion and restores the body's beneficial microflora ... Honey has a beneficial effect on the heart and is cancer prevention.

But, finally, honey is good for the mind.

“If you are hungry in the morning, it’s best to eat some honey. From 7 to 9 o'clock the most important thing is to tune the brain to work. And honey “charges the brain with energy,” the therapist continues.

Bad mood? Again, open the jar with a sweet treat. After all, scientists have already proven that this product is the best antidepressant. And people who use honey are much less prone to depression.

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