What dreams of a squirrel in the house

The appearance of squirrels in a dream - why? This fluffy animal is often associated with troubles: it collects stocks for the winter and turns in the wheel. But sometimes squirrels dream, predicting completely different events. What exactly, prompt dream books.

Autumn dream

If in a dream you are in the park or in the forest, feed the animals from your hand, you will have reliable and good friends.

Summer dream

See how the squirrel is spinning in the wheel - for a long vacation.

Female dream book

Squirrel symbolizes good and joy. Usually, her appearance in a dream predicts a welcome date with a very expensive person. If you are affectionate with the animal, it is a harbinger of family happiness. But to kill a squirrel in a dream can foreshadow a lonely life and depression.

Small Veles dream

For a woman, the appearance of a squirrel often promises pregnancy, and for a man - acquaintance with a frivolous person. Dream interpretation says why many squirrels dream: by the arrival of a large group of guests. If the animal bites you, wait for complaints from the authorities.

Aesop dream book

The squirrel gnawing nuts dreams about expensive, but not rewarding purchases. Admire the squirrels jumping through the trees suggests that among your friends there are many frivolous and rather irresponsible people. If the jumping animal does not jump to the desired branch and falls, one of these people will prevent you from achieving the intended one. Squirrel family in a dream foreshadows troubles with children. This dream book offers another interesting interpretation: a squirrel, watching a fox from a tree, speaks of victory over a strong enemy.

Dream for the whole family

If the animal dreamed on Tuesday night, then you will have to meet the expectations of your loved ones. Did sleep with squirrels happen on the night of Saturday or Sunday? You will need help to solve a difficult problem.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Interpreters of dreams are sure that the cute little animal foreshadows family happiness. But if a man tries to catch a squirrel, he will have problems, including financial ones, because of the lady of easy virtue.

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