What color to choose the ceiling in the living room

Recently, people are increasingly unhappy with the typical layout of their apartments and tend to emphasize the individuality of their interior. And stretch ceilings are an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. Using the tone of the ceilings, you can visually almost completely change the appearance of the room, increase the space of the room, give it a special atmosphere.

If you decided to create your own unique design in the apartment, then you will first have to decide on the texture of the ceiling - it will differ depending on which coating material will be preferred. It can be PVC, fabrics, mirrors, metal sheets and even marble.

Warm PVC film shades

A large assortment of stretch ceilingsHistorians claim that France was the birthplace of stretch ceilings, but now they have taken root in all countries. Especially popular are ceilings with PVC film coating.First, with their help, you can achieve a perfectly flat surface, and secondly, such material is relatively inexpensive.

Typically, manufacturers of PVC films offer an extensive palette that allows you to create amazing color combinations.

However, to get involved in bright and rich colors is still not worth it. Remember that the shade of the ceiling should be combined with other details of your interior: furniture, curtains, paintings and so on. In addition, in no case do not match its color to the color of the walls - this will visually make the ceilings low. Let it be darker or lighter by several tones.

Note that the living room is the face of the house. In this room, not only your household, but also guests will gather in the evenings, so it is important to choose a color so that everyone feels as comfortable as possible.

In this case, the ideal option would be to choose warm shades of PVC film - they create a light and pleasant atmosphere in the house. All colors of the red and yellow half of the color wheel are traditionally attributed to warm colors. Designers have noticed long ago that using these colors it is easy to create the effect of a constricted, “cramped” space, which, in turn, provides comfort. But if your living room is so small, it’s best not to get carried away.

Traditionally, yellow, peach and coral remain the most popular colors of PVC film for suspended ceilings - they are perceived positively and create a festive atmosphere.

Cool colors

If you are faced with the task of making the room visually wider, then you can safely make a choice in favor of cold shades. This color scheme is especially good for small rooms that need to be visually made wider.

From a psychological point of view, cold shades soothe and create an atmosphere in which a person feels independent and free. But it is also important to observe the measure here - an abundance of cold flowers can cause boredom and anxiety.

Cold gamma is very popular in the design of ceilings in living rooms, but most often the choice in favor of these shades is made by young people.

Stretch ceilings of blue color are very popular - they look unusually high and airy, associated with the color of the sky. Recently, more and more often, many people have opted for purple or purple stretch ceilings. Especially harmoniously these colors look in modern living rooms.No less popular is the classic white stretch ceiling. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that the ceiling of this color looks appropriate in any room and interior.

Combining shades for stretch ceilings

Photo printing on stretch ceilingsSince PVC film can be of almost any shade, it makes sense to use not one color, but several at once. Moreover, it is possible to combine not only colors, but also textures.

These ceilings look very impressive, in addition, they give a lot of additional features for exclusive interior decoration of the room. Using a combination of shades, you can visually divide the space into separate zones and emphasize them with original lighting solutions.

Another interesting feature of stretch ceilings is the possibility of implementing the most incredible design ideas: create original compositions, focus on certain interior details, give your living room the very unique color that you have always dreamed of.

As a rule, designers recommend combining shades of the same color range when designing ceilings, but if you are really ready to experiment, feel free to play on contrasts. But note that unusual color combinations can quickly tire you. In this case, the ceiling must be “balanced” with the calm interior of the living room.

PVC film for suspended ceilings has one remarkable property - it is easy to replace. And if at some point you want to radically change the interior and drastically change the warm color scheme to a cold one, then it will not take you much time.

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