"Vertical Village" Interlace in Singapore - the best high-rise building in the world in 2015

According to the results of the World Architectural Festival held on November 4-6, 2015 in Singapore, experts recognized the local “vertical village” as the best high-rise building in 2015 in the world.Interlace. The building is a large housing complex, built in the form of a hexagonal grid, which joins six-storey blocks superimposed on one another into a single system. Multiple cascades of gardens, a number of private and public terraces on the roof of the building, picturesque bridges and transitions between individual buildings, drowning in lush vegetation, create the impression that you are as if in a “vertical village”, from which the complex got its proper name.

The village project was designed by a German architect.Ole Sheren, which was previously designed by the world-famous China Central Television Office (CCTV) in Beijing, also named the world's best high-rise building at one time.The ideas of the architect many times won the highest international awards in the field of urban planning.

“The idea was to create a vertical structure in a rustic style,” explained 43-year-old Sheren to the news agency telegraph agency.dpain Pekin. "We had to figure out how to re-arrange the people's living space in a new way, both individually and socially, and, based on this, develop a structure of buildings."

It is worth adding that as a result, the village came out very comfortable and high-tech, which has no similar analogues in the world. The designers even took into account the trajectory of the Sun's motion, so that the cooling and glazing systems showed the highest performance. The hexagonal grid-shape of the complex with its bends creates additional opportunities for natural ventilation. Tennis courts, theaters, swimming pools, a garden of bamboo trees, ponds, hills once again vividly emphasize what an ideal house for life can really be.

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