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At 02:44, Jun 27, 2019


Hi my dear friend Vish Your buddy, Gary

At 16:20, Oct 07, 2019


Awesome!! I am happy that you found something that works.

At 17:33, Oct 07, 2019


Happy Thanksgiving, Vish!

At 19:04, Oct 07, 2019


Aw, thank you Vish! You are a very sweet person!!! I love to hear from you! How are you?

At 19:42, Oct 07, 2019


It was well deserved! I hope you have a great day as well.

At 20:55, Oct 07, 2019


Thank you, happy Sunday to you as well!

At 21:46, Oct 07, 2019


Your welcome! You were on my list. ;) Thanks for the the template!

At 22:56, Oct 07, 2019


And thanks for the TU!

At 01:06, Oct 08, 2019


Thanks for bringing life into wikiHow...

At 07:55, Oct 08, 2019


I'm glad you've had a good start to your day. I hopr your whole day goes well. I've had a good day and am looking forward to a good sleep. It's nice you and I can do good deeds on wikiHow throughout any 24 hour period isn't it - you work while I sleep and then I work while you're catching the Zs. Nice.

At 11:54, Oct 08, 2019


Hey Vish! Thx for the TU! I accidentally add that part.

At 15:47, Oct 08, 2019


Thank you for the TUs, Vish, and for patrolling. It seems that you are engaged in many new things, particularly categorizing and checking links. It is great that you are still learning quite a bit.

At 15:49, Oct 08, 2019


Aww, what a nice start to my Monday! Sending warm wishes and a strong cup of coffee back at you. Have a good weekend, overall?

At 16:50, Oct 08, 2019


Oh bummer about the responses! I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but if there's anything I can do to help, let me know?

Your church visit and walk and talk with people sound fab - what a nice way to connect with your community and prepare your mind for the week ahead!

Nah, Josh isn't involved with wikiHow anymore - still a good friend of Jack's; he just pursued other projects, while Jack nurtured this wiki baby :)

At 17:00, Oct 08, 2019


Okie doke, no prob, Vish - hope the good mood for the start of your day carries you through, too :)

At 19:49, Oct 08, 2019


Aww, so sweet, thank you!!

Yeah, boy, the year ahead... walking, talking, eek... what're we in for?? :)

At 20:20, Oct 08, 2019


Hah, yeah, I can't wait for that phase, and I'm sure I'll regret saying so ;)

The past year has been amazing - life-changing, of course, by its very nature. Time has flown, but I also can't imagine life without her!

At 20:55, Oct 08, 2019


Thanks for the note! :) One can't actually warm up their voice without knowing how haha.

At 21:21, Oct 08, 2019


Aw thanks - what nice hopes for us and for her. I hope so, too, and I appreciate the well wishes and guidance :)

At 21:26, Oct 08, 2019


Hi Vishshua, yeah that pesky piece of code won't work cause I think it'll try to translate it into wikiCode. To have it shown next time you can use nowiki /nowiki like this. ___PARTS___.

At 21:48, Oct 08, 2019


<nowiki> ___PARTS___</nowiki>

At 23:36, Oct 08, 2019


You are very welcome! :)

At 00:07, Oct 09, 2019


Hey thanks! I remember one time someone posted a mean message on my page. So glad people patrol the talk pages!

At 05:28, Oct 09, 2019


hey Vish

At 10:11, Oct 09, 2019


how do ypou make spaghetti please help my grnndmas favourite

At 10:12, Oct 09, 2019


please help

At 10:12, Oct 09, 2019



At 10:12, Oct 09, 2019


no asparagus

At 10:13, Oct 09, 2019


Ive lost my cat where is the search bar

At 11:00, Oct 09, 2019


Hey! Thanks for the thumbs up on my edit! I really appreciate it!

At 15:46, Oct 09, 2019


Hahha love the emojis!

Good day over here so far, except the babe bumped her head and has a nice welt on it - let the *fun* begin as we get to standing and walking, hah. There was a fierce scream, a quick cry, and then back to business as usual - she's a fighter :)

How was your night/day?

At 16:56, Oct 09, 2019


Hah, well we try to take it in stride - she gets bumped a lot already, since she's an adventurer. Her cry is pretty strong but she recovers quickly, so we just go with the flow - a big hug but no panic :)

The parathas sound yummy! What a nice combo. I love Indian breads, but I'm sure what we get here wouldn't be right by your standards - if only I could try yours one day!

Oh I'm forgetting the birthday puzzle story - a friend/family member?

At 17:09, Oct 09, 2019


Thanks for your response in wikiTwitter, Vish - I appreciate your tolerance and willingness to accept and defend that I have different beliefs. That went on for longer than I anticipated... frankly, I didn't anticipate getting into a debate in the first place, but so it goes when you put several very opinionated people into a forum thread :)

I hope your week is awesome!

At 17:10, Oct 09, 2019


Ah, and thank you for the birthday wish - I just saw that now! Oops. Thank you! :)

At 17:13, Oct 09, 2019


Oh fun, your nephew will love that! You guys going to have a fun party? Auntie Vish playing with all the kids, as usual?? :P

At 17:36, Oct 09, 2019


Hahha, sounds like a riot indeed, but lots of fun! I wish you strength for it!

At 17:45, Oct 09, 2019


Lol @ hogging - I figured maybe you meant "horsing around" but eating is even better! :)

At 13:07, Oct 10, 2019


Thank you for letting me know of my typo. I meant nestofthe colony. I will fix it. Thanks again!

At 13:28, Oct 10, 2019


Hi Vish! Other than some seasonal allergies, I'm doing well. Thanks for asking! How are you?

At 13:50, Oct 10, 2019


At 16:47, Oct 10, 2019


She is a-okay - a small little mark on her forehead, but she get *tons* of those - pale skin like me, so marks show up for every tiny bump. She's doing well regardless :)

The big party! Having fun yet?

At 17:10, Oct 10, 2019


Hahha hold on, you had all that and the meal is yet to come? Now that's a party :)

Ah, blocks - even better! He can build anything he wants. How cool :)

So great catching up with all your family, including your traveling brother-in-law! Hope the US treated him well and he brought back good stories for you.

At 17:36, Oct 10, 2019


Chicken tandoori, yum - can I come over?? :)


At 18:13, Oct 10, 2019


Thanks! It's really not so bad, just a slightly stuffy nose.

Anyway, happy birthday to your nephew! (Not that it means much to him, coming from a stranger, haha.) Birthday celebrations can be exciting. I'm glad to hear you're having fun! :)

At 19:34, Oct 10, 2019


Kind wikiHow Contributor
You’ve been a dedicated editor and patroller on wikiHow for several years now. As you’ve learned more and more about how the wiki works, I’ve seen you branch out more and more into helping other wikiHowians along. Now it’s rare that I don’t see several contributions or messages a day from you helping new people with their new edits, fixing their format, or guiding them when it comes to our policies and norms. You put considerable effort and heart into encouraging and nurturing your fellow established community members, as well. What’s more, you do it all with a supportive approach and a friendly attitude. Thanks for helping to spread both kindness and wiki knowledge around our community!

At 20:44, Oct 10, 2019


You are more than welcome!

Haha, you're so sweet - maybe one day! I can't say I've traveled that far - furthest I've been is Germany. But who knows, one day...!

At 02:37, Oct 11, 2019


I added an embellishment to your user page. I hope you don't mind.

At 08:04, Oct 11, 2019


I love the "pebble" quote and that you take my edits that way! Just felt that those words amplified Anna's barnstar. Feel free to make the font color whatever you wish, Vish!

At 08:07, Oct 11, 2019


At 08:18, Oct 11, 2019


I knew the barnstar would mean much to you! It is so beautifully worded!

At 11:42, Oct 11, 2019


Hey Vish!

Oh, sorry, I don't really have much ideas on welcoming new users.

At 12:14, Oct 11, 2019


That's an interesting coincidence! I know a lot of other people named Caitlynn (usually spelled a different way) so it doesn't bother me. If you do tell him that "Caitlynn" wished him a happy birthday, hopefully it puts a smile on his face.  :)

At 15:47, Oct 11, 2019


Yep, agreed! I think you could write one or add an intro tag to it :)

At 17:07, Oct 11, 2019


I patrolled it! :P - looked good to me! I made some minor tweaks for flow - feel free to check those out and adjust if you disagree.

Sometimes! We did a little bit when the babe was very young but she's a wriggly one who won't sit still for long now, hahah.

At 18:02, Oct 11, 2019


Well deserved, and you have a great day too ;)))

At 18:05, Oct 11, 2019



All good with the babe. She has a little rash but nothing too out of the ordinary. Still her feisty self :)

How was the rest of the party yesterday?

At 22:20, Oct 11, 2019


"A dreamy romantic feel" -- that's a nice way of thinking about my name! :) And I agree, she was adorable in Titanic. Anyway, I'm glad your nephew was happy!

At 02:52, Oct 12, 2019


Hey.. I'll take care and make sure not to commit the same mistakes again.

Thanks Much!! :)

At 05:15, Oct 12, 2019


Hi Vishshua, I was wondering no you change your wikihow avatar? Oh and thank you a lot for your thumbs up on my edit.

At 11:00, Oct 12, 2019


Okay! And thanks! 😁

At 12:49, Oct 12, 2019


Aw nice, I’m glad it was so much fun! I bet he had a blast :)

At 14:28, Oct 12, 2019


Thank you for the TU, Vish!

At 17:19, Oct 12, 2019


You’re very welcome!

At 17:36, Oct 12, 2019


To be honest, I don’t have many memories, because we left when I was ten... and that was a looong time ago now. I do remember they have a ton of playgrounds so that was a win at my age :)

LeahllovesGod is there now so she might have some more updated impressions!

At 17:50, Oct 12, 2019


Same to youuuuuu!

At 18:11, Oct 12, 2019


Thank you for your message. Yes I did mean add a profile picture and so I did so thanks. :)

At 18:30, Oct 12, 2019


Thanks for the TU!

At 19:36, Oct 12, 2019


Thank you ;) When it comes to musical instruments, I like to see them cared for ;)))

At 20:06, Oct 12, 2019



At 20:20, Oct 12, 2019


You are welcome, Vish. I know you didn't like the magenta very well, so I invited you to change it to a color you liked. With your response to my invite, I knew you were not going to change the color, so I gave it a day, then changed it.

My original thinking was that the preamble words amplified the wonderful words in Anna's template and should be included on your user page in a color that made them stand out. I was trying to leave the color up to you (and still am).

At 20:21, Oct 12, 2019


Thank you for the well-wishing. I hope you enjoy your weekend too, Vish!

At 21:58, Oct 12, 2019


Well,thatmeans a lot! Yes, RC patrol is my favourite activity. Bad Ingrish (haha), formatting errors and correct spelling are passions. I was a proofreader for part of my working life, and Iloveit when I find errors in printed publications. . . computers can't do what "we" do ;))

Thank you again!

At 22:25, Oct 12, 2019


Thanks for liking my edit, Vishshua! It means a lot to me :P

At 07:37, Oct 13, 2019


Hey there Vishshua, thanks for the TU! () 07:37, 13 October 2019 (GMT)

At 08:23, Oct 13, 2019


Thx so much for liking my edit ❤️❤️ A little kindness goes a long way 😁😁

At 08:53, Oct 13, 2019


Thanks always for being so lovely 😊

At 09:07, Oct 13, 2019


At 09:08, Oct 13, 2019


im new

At 13:00, Oct 13, 2019


I feel special to have you and the rest of the A-team as friends. Your userpage is looking great!

At 16:45, Oct 13, 2019


And nice to meet you as well! As Alabaster said, I have an A-team list of friends and co-editors, of which you are definitely one ;) Finding this site was a dream come true when I went on permanent disability ;)

At 17:40, Oct 13, 2019


Hi ya

You know, I consider "A Team" those I go to for advice, see great edits they make, have been on the site for a while and consistently improve the site. There are a number of you, and I don't want to list them all, in case I miss a couple when this gets seen in RC Patrol, haha! Anna I have always called "Yoda" (Star Wars) as she welcomed me and taught me so much! But there are about a dozen of you!!!

And I am unable to work due to medical reasons, as of three years ago. I have Meniere's Disease, and have balance issues that make me a hazard in the work place (basically, no one will hire me, because if I get injured, their Worker's Compensation rates go up, haha). I have had Meniere's for ten years (since I was 40), and I think it's been about 2 1/2 years that I have been unable to work. My balance was also compromised because I was born with Hydrocephalus. As you can see, I like to write articles about stuff I am interested in learning about!

So I love this site, cuz I get to write and edit and be productive. I do some sign work for my ex-husband, work on the computer that I can email him, as we live in separate provinces. Ironically, he has become one of my best friends ;)

Sorry this is so long, haha, but you asked!

At 17:45, Oct 13, 2019


Thanks for the TU!

At 18:16, Oct 13, 2019


Oh my dear, you made my day ;))) Thank you so much for your kind words! And the Accept That Your Beloved Dog is Aging is especially dear to my heart as Cyndi is now 15 1/2 and starting to show signs of aging. . . I wrote that article to help me prepare and cherish every moment! And all the pictures are of her, me, and my dad (step-dad) is in one too ;))

You are a very special person, and you aredefinitelya part ofmyA-Team!

At 18:19, Oct 13, 2019


Oh, FYI, Categorize Serial Killers came from my enjoyment of Criminal Minds, and wanting to understand the terminology (besides the fact that my dream job would be to be Penelope Garcia, with her computer skills) and Become a Jury Consultant, is for the show "Bull"

At 18:19, Oct 13, 2019


Oh, thanks. . . which article?

At 18:28, Oct 13, 2019


I don't know why you wouldn't be able to get into the article. That's weird.

At 18:39, Oct 13, 2019


Fixed! Thank you for noticing that!

And that article with Cyndi is near to my heart! And again, you are too kind with your comments. I think most of those pictures were taken about 8 years ago, just after I got her!

And with your proofreading skills, I may have to get you to proofread chapters of the book I am starting :)

At 18:53, Oct 13, 2019


Well thank you for your comments about the article!

My working title is "I was Never Meant to be a Wife. . . I was Meant to Have a Dog" ;) My ex, Wayne, loved the title, as he was my second husband ;) He remarried after we divorced, and he agrees, he should get a dog!!! It will be a book of short stories regarding Cyndi and I, and the laughs, and goofy stories!

My fictional writing style, for this case anyway, will be rather like my favourite author Erma Bombeck. She has passed away, but you should look her up if you haven't heard of her. . . She has great books "If Life's a Bowl of Cherries, What am I Doing in the Pits?". . . great books!

At 19:11, Oct 13, 2019


That is a good quote.

To be truly honest, it is rather autobiographical, but in a humourous manner! And I agree with you, and that is why I like this site. I like learning stuff, real to life. That is oftentimes how I choose my articles, and why I own 30+ "For Dummies" books. . . I like the format!

Hey, so we don't get in trouble ;), why don't you email me. My email is set up, and the link is at the top of my User Page. We can get in trouble for "chatting" as each of these go through RC Patrol! :))

At 19:15, Oct 13, 2019


I see that ;)

At 02:13, Oct 14, 2019


Thank you for the TU! :)

At 03:56, Oct 14, 2019


Hey, congrats on your Barnstar!!!Verywell-deserved for all the things you say and do around here, and you contribute so much to the kind wH community I've grown to love.

I have finally found time to come back to wikiHow now...

At 07:49, Oct 14, 2019


Happy Sunday!

At 07:59, Oct 14, 2019


Thanks Vish! :)

At 09:23, Oct 14, 2019


Thanks for the love, Vish. :) Much appreciated!

At 12:04, Oct 14, 2019



Thank you for the tip! I'm new to editing/patrolling, so this is really helpful. If you have any other notes in the future, please tell me about them.


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