USA - gumbo soup, France - donuts bennies: menu of different countries

On vacation calories do not count! Representatives of the portal, which is the world leader in online reservations, specifically for Woman's Day analyzed the recommendations of their guests and prepared a list of dishes that you should definitely try in different countries.


Rome, Italy
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Naples, Italy
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Bologna, Italy
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Italy can not be imagined without delicious food, and this is not only pizza and pasta. Even if you have been to Italian restaurants in other countries, nothing compares to the dishes that you can taste in Rome, Naples and Bologna.

Rome: pumpkin roasted flowers.

This is one of the most popular snacks in Rome. Pumpkin flowers are fried until crisp and sometimes stuffed with cheese, anchovies or shrimps.

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Naples: Marinara pizza.

Naples is considered the birthplace of pizza, and Marinara, according to many, is the most authentic. Its filling consists of mozzarella, tomatoes, oregano, garlic and basil with olive oil. It is believed that the pizza is named after the fishermen, who on their return from the sea dined with this particular dish.

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Bologna: tortellini in broth.

This is a traditional dish of Bologna. In addition to the tender tortellini, put the meatballs into the broth. Real jam!

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Cordoba, Spain
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Valencia, Spain
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San Sebastian, Spain
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Do not think that Spanish cuisine is only paella and sangria. It has a variety of dishes with seafood, olive oil and pork. And in each region of the country has its own signature dish.

Cordova: salmorejo.

Salmoreho is a traditional summer soup that is served with Serran ham and hard boiled sliced ​​egg. Its cooking process is similar to gazpacho, but more cream is added to salmorejo. This puree soup has only recently received long-awaited recognition outside Cordoba.

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Valencia: Arros al forno.

Valencia is famous for rice dishes, the most popular of which is paella. We advise you to try arros al forno - rice baked in earthenware in the oven, with pork, chickpeas, potatoes, tomatoes and garlic.

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San Sebastian: pincho.

Pincho is a concept rather than a specific dish: seafood, meat, eggs or vegetables are put on small pieces of baguette. You should not stop at such a light snack, for more hearty dishes (for example, the famous meat pie), feel free to go to any bar in the Old Town.

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Skyros, Greece
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Arachova, Greece
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Delos, Greece
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Greece is famous for its stunning beaches, vibrant history and great food. The dishes are dominated by vegetables, olive oil, lamb, yogurt dressing and cheese.

Skyros: souvlaki.

Souvlaki is a traditional Greek dish. These are small kebabs of meat or vegetables marinated in lemon juice, oil and spices. Souples are often served with pita and yoghurt sauce.

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Arachova: suzukakya.

In fact, Suzukakyya is a Turkish dish that the Greeks loved so much that they began to consider it their own. Under the hard-to-pronounce name hides small juicy meatballs in a thick tomato sauce, served with rice. Delicious!

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Delos: galaktobureko.

If you are a sweet tooth, try galactobureco. This Greek dessert is made from semolina, custard, and filo dough and poured over sugar syrup. You can also order galaktobureko with a taste of lemon or rose.

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Strasbourg, France
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Lyon, France
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Nice, France
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France is considered to be one of the main gastronomic centers of the world, and its cuisine is diverse and refined. Here everyone will find something to their liking.

Strasbourg: sauerkraut.

One of the signature snacks, which has long been prepared in Strasbourg, is sauerkraut. Unlike its German counterpart, fried sausages are added to this dish and served warm.

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Lyon: Kneli.

Lyon is the self-proclaimed culinary capital of France, and dumplings are considered one of the specialties of the city. Balls of meat or fish mince with cream are grilled or seasoned with sauce. Try pike tails, they are considered among the best.

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Nice: donuts donuts.

When you think of donuts, perhaps France is not the first thing that comes to mind. But, having tried bennet, you immediately change your mind. Dessert from choux pastry, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar, promises an unforgettable pleasure.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Gramado, Brazil
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Belo Horizonte, Brazil
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The brightness and diversity of tastes inherent in the dishes of Brazil, in no way inferior to the brightness of the carnivals, which this country is famous for. In each region, gastroputravennyk awaits its own unique cuisine.

Sao Paulo: virado-a-paulista.

The menu of almost all restaurants in Brazil has traditional local dishes. We suggest starting with virado-a-paulista - mixtures of rice, pork, bananas and vegetables. Simple and tasty!

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Gramada: akarazhe.

A small picturesque resort in the mountains is a real gem of Brazil, and acaraghe is one of its highlights. This traditional dish is made from Vigna peas (or, as it is also called, cow peas), which is rolled into balls with the addition of garlic, ginger and salt. Then the balls are roasted in palm oil.

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Belo Horizonte: Kuindim.

Belo Horizonte is an ideal place for Kuindim tasting. This popular baked dessert is made from sugar, yolks and grated coconut and baked in cake tins. When serving, it is put on the plate bottom up. Appetizing, is not it?

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