Unusual accessory from an ordinary plastic bucket

  • Tamara


  • Alina

    Another unnecessary thing in the house. But it can be done from an excess of time and give to someone

  • Yes, nice, but pointless, another trash

  • Thanks for the idea! How much more different can be done - and larger, and other forms. Well, and “meaningless” and “trash”, so it is for those who spend hours on the Internet, he does not create anything, only splashes his evil opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Why reinvent the basket if these containers come with a handle ?????

  • Anonymous

    I used to wise a lot before I realized that it was a waste of labor, the store is cheaper, there is more choice.

    • You can buy in the store, but the key point is to buy. And here it is created from improvised material, the container and the yarn, there will always be in the house of the needlewoman. And the soul will be warmed by the moment that this is your creation from practically things to throw. This is called the second life of old things! ☝

      • Monica

        Julia, I agree with you. I myself love these fakes

      • It is not a moment that warms the soul, but a thought, a memory, an idea, etc. Well, where is the word "moment"?

  • Anonymous

    what for??

  • Love

    Why give birth to children, if they still grow old and die? Here is the meaning of the process itself. While doing something beautiful, we are like creators. At this time, the soul is ennobled. You can make two, three baskets of different colors, then it will not be trash but an interior, for example, on a shelf. Or hang them in the garden, with sweets and nuts for children ....

    • Anonymous


    • Vladislav

      for sure! and then the rocks do not grow from there, that's what they write

    • Anonymous

      yes, you are right, it's a joy for the soul

    • No, better put THIS on your head, it is knitted, as if the creator! Children why dragged ????

  • Anonymous

    Even very cool happened

  • Anonymous

    I like to like to knit so that my hands are busy when I watch TV, I also knit the process myself

  • Anonymous

    I really liked it but I do not know if I can do it

  • Lyudmila

    Why waste time in vain. You can better read or do something useful. Dislike folk art. A sense of style and taste can be developed.

  • Matvey

    when the dog has nothing to do it licks eggs

    • sweetheart

      then he writes nonsense, it is better to remain silent - maybe you’ll go for the clever

    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    It's great and inexpensive especially when retired.
    It's fun to buy everything, but you can do it yourself forever.

  • Darina

    A pen

    A pen is better to tie in the technique of "macrame"

  • Anonymous

    Yes, you need to be able to move your hands so that you have something to occupy while watching, well ... I don’t like TV, for example, the next guest Puchkov D.Yu. to listen to. And the benefit is proven by the doctors - the more you move, or at least you do something with your hands, the further you run away from Alzheimer's. The proof is, my mom knits, embroiders, weaves Vologda lace, macrame, and at the same time she goes to the veterans' choir, she and I taught everything to my sister, always in a great mood and this is 86 years old!

  • cool

  • Anonymous

    Take a little dill sun put there cat ass ............

  • Anonymous

    Umnichka Your mother, I really respect these. Surely she had no time to deal with such nonsense

  • Diana

    So mean to write nasty things! By the way, because it is cheaper to buy, our whole planet has turned into a giant trash bin, which can be seen from space, to shame on everyone living there. Previously, even a bag was washed, and such trash on the streets was not to be found. And now what? !!!

  • Anonymous

    That's right, Diana!

  • Anonymous

    This creativity, this aesthetics, this development! And nasty things pigtails, which the handle of this basket will not be able to make. Sinister.

  • Elena

    Judging by the fact that the author does unnecessary things, he has a lot of free time. So would allocate time to learn Russian. Or would have looked on the Internet spelling.

  • Anonymous

    What is the dispute about? Everyone does what he likes ....

  • Anonymous

    Here slander pysyukatye! Hand-woven .... Russian studies and philologists ... Envy silently! And the author of the idea is well done!

  • Anonymous

    Who does not like to invent their own, but there is nothing for them to decry

  • Anonymous

    Beggarly psychology

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the idea!!!!! And what have YOU done, it concerns those who write so negatively. Where are your works? In the same way you shout everywhere and climb out of the skin if something you do not like. You simply do not distinguish the colors of our lives.

  • Anonymous

    Easier to decry, than to do. But really, great. Such people are

  • Anonymous

    NDA ... by golly, I knit everything, and toys and baskets, and clothes, and babies, and animals ... but this ... um ... where is that and who saw aesthetics? That's exactly what time man had nowhere to go. By the way, why not make the bottom trim, and take a thinner yarn (so as not to devour at least 0.5 mm of this “basket”)? And what for this basket in general, when any interweaving of the fishing line will be much cheaper, simpler and better.The basket will keep its shape better, there will be no deformations during the washings, etc. In general, some questions. Neither the idea nor the implementation was not liked. And the bottom can be tied ... 6 loops in the ring amigurumi and we scratch further along the spiral.

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