To create a design project of a room is just

Today you can without preparation, independently create a unique and unique. How to do it? Read this article, you will gain confidence, which will help to arrange your house or other premises in an original way.

First and Most Important Stage

Many, trying on the interesting but challenging role of a designer, start to immediately form creative ideas. But this is not entirely appropriate if you do not know the exact size of the room. Especially if they are rooms in which fantasy is not always possible to wander. Let's look at the design on the example of an apartment. Knowing the basics, you can easily equip any room.

Let's go back to the size. Ask how to make a design project on a small living space? To do this, you need to calculate and write down all the parameters in order to build a schematic drawing on them. This can be done with pencils and rulers. Strive to extinct everything as accurately as possible.Even a couple of centimeters can sometimes play a cruel joke. For example, in the kitchen, if the measurement is incorrect, the stove, table or cabinets may not fit in the desired place. And well, if there is a possibility of adjustment.

When a room has any bumps, they are worth noting. And it is also important to indicate the location and size of additional structures (windows, window sills, sockets, etc.). Only after a full measurement of the room, you can begin to prepare a design project.

As modern technologies do not stand still, the development went ahead and in the field of creating a 3D picture of the future interior. Let's talk about this in more detail.

How to draw a design project in 3D

Everyone has long been accustomed to the modern volume effect of pictures. Especially after the appearance of 3D films. But this technology can be applied for design purposes. To do this, install a special program, for example:

  • ArchiCAD;
  • Sweet Home 3D;
  • IKEA Home Planner;
  • PRO100;
  • 3D Max;
  • AutoCad, etc.

The most simple option is considered to be "Interior Design 3D". This is a convenient program for performing redevelopment and creating simple design projects for residential apartments, office premises, private houses.Literally an hour on the computer screen, you can perform the desired arrangement of furniture and finish the floor, walls, ceiling. For experiments it is easy to practice for a while on projects in the online mode. And if you need further design, purchase a professional version.

How to make a design project

After the measurements have been taken and the method for constructing a drawing (on a piece of paper or a computer program) has been selected, the time has come for the most interesting and entertaining stage - room arrangement. On the already prepared project of the room, built in accordance with the measurements taken, the arrangement of furniture and decor, the formation of decoration begins.

Be sure when making a plan, specify the distribution of lighting devices. Do not forget to mark the sockets and their purpose (what equipment will be connected). If you are interested in the question of how to make a design project of an apartment for the subsequent transfer of the plan to the builders, then it is logical to mention the material specification.

Performing design, it is important to have a good understanding of the main sequence of the work. If you skip the significant steps, then there will be problems.If you omit any actions, it is likely that further actions will be impossible (or only partially).

Know how to create a design project is important even for those who do not plan to make it independently, but prefer to turn to professionals (for example, in the company Domoff Group). Understanding the nuances is useful for everyone to navigate when viewing a sample project for approval.

The relevance of creating a design development

Ask why this issue is given so much time? Everything is very simple. There is a possibility:

  • see the finished picture;
  • make changes before work starts;
  • purchase a ready-made, calculated project;
  • calculate the price accurately;
  • evaluate the final result.

So you learned how to make an apartment project design yourself. Such a plan is relevant for homes, offices and other premises. The scheme is the same (with the exception of some nuances). Embodiment your fantasies on paper or on the screen of the monitor, create unique design projects.

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