The village in Northern Ireland received a copy connected on spokes

The village of Clautmills in Northern Ireland itself is like a toy. All of its houses, including shops, post offices and a small church, were painted in a model connected with colored wool. Neat two-story buildings are surrounded by ponds and gardens with miniature vegetables. Signs indicate where the butcher shop is, and where the delivery of Indian food. This miniature can be considered an accurate map of the village, reflecting all its main features. The composition was created by several craftswomen and exhibited at a local club.

The local club was organized for the villagers more than 6 years ago. People who are fond of creativity spend their leisure time here, most of them are already retired. In May last year, a start was made to a joint project depicting the native village of craftsmen. To do this, each armed with a camera and took as many photos as he could.After that, the work was distributed and began to knit. Most of the buildings were connected by six craftswomen. During the work the inhabitants of Klautmiles decided to recreate those buildings, which are no longer in the village. For example, the old shirt factory, where most of today's retirees worked. Work on the creation of a knitted card ended in September.

The authors of the project were inspired by the model of another village, which, however, was not elaborated in such detail. The inhabitants of Clautmills decided to outperform the competition, and their model does not even pass through the doors of the local hall. Therefore, the model will be exhibited until there is at least one visitor who would like to see the work. The project has glorified the village, and now they talk about it around the world. With the help of their woolen miracle, villagers collected a considerable amount of money, which was sent to charity.

Houses, trees and even a tennis court are knitted of wool.

The craftswomen made copies of the scarecrow and settled the cows in the fields.

The idyllic rustic landscape is completed by the woolen figures of the inhabitants.

The town hall building, which houses the local rural club, also has its own copy.

In the gardens you can find miniature copies of these vegetable beds.

The bridge, which runs over the local rivulet. Pebbles and beads shine in the water.

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