The secrets of cooking delicious steak from beef

A simple beef steak recipe is useful for most people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Beef is useful and rich in nutrients and will help you quickly get enough food and rejuvenate. Protein, vitamin B12, zinc and iron are all abundant in an appetizing piece of meat.

Baked chicken breast with saladBaked chicken breast with salad


1. When buying a piece of beef, check the freshness of the product. To do this, press a finger on the surface. If there is a hollow, the meat is tender and suitable for steak

2. If the meat was in the freezer and was frozen, it is better to allocate more time for thawing. For example, leave a piece at night in the zero compartment of the refrigerator.

3. Fresh meat is cooked in the pan somewhat faster than thawed.

4. Excess moisture will serve as a hindrance, before roasting the meat should be dried with a paper towel.

5. Frying pan (grill) requires good preheating.

6. Frying time:
- for a steak with blood - for 1 minute on both sides;
- for frying weak - for 2 minutes;
- for medium cooking - 3 min;
- for almost fried - for 4 minutes;
- For a well-seasoned 3 to 5 minutes.

The secrets of cooking delicious steak from beef

7. Do not check the readiness of the dish, cutting or piercing the meat with a knife! It is more correct to do this with the help of pressure.

8. The finished steak should be slightly "rest" before serving.

9. Add salt, pepper only at the end of cooking.

10. Useful side dish, perfectly combined with the taste of steak - steam or fresh vegetables.

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