The most desirable woman in the world has become so thin that her ribs stick out

New photos of Emily Ratakovski shocked her fans.

The winner of the title "The most desired woman of the planet - 2014", the actress and model Emily Ratakovski confirms her title as the first beauty with every appearance. Despite the fact that the seductive Briton recently married, from her fans, as before, there is no end. And Emily’s status as a married woman does not stop her from uploading provocative photos to Instagram and wearing very frank outfits.

True, this time her fashionable image turned out so frank that everyone could see what it would be better to hide from prying eyes. And no, this is not a bust or buttocks, but protruding ribs and unrealistically thin legs of a model.

Emily Ratakovski
Emily Ratakovski

A slim, off-shoulder top and a short, trapezium denim skirt made it almost impossible to hide Ratakovsky’s body. Honestly, it didn’t look as appetizing at all as it was on her usual Instagram shoots: skin and bones!

By the way, just a month ago, the paparazzi caught the model on a morning walk.And then her non-retouched photos made quite the opposite impression. First, on her not-so-slim hips, the ears were clearly visible. And the legs did not seem so infinitely long as in the staged photos. And before that, the model published a snapshot on Instagram, where she sunbathes completely naked. Subscribers looked at Emily's buttocks and legs, and noticed that they didn’t look very pumped up, but their thighs seemed to have increased in volume.

Apparently, the girl decided to pull herself together and still get in shape. But it seems to have overdone it. Of course, her will power can only be envied. Nevertheless, now I want to believe that Emily will recover a little, so that her forms become simply perfect.

Date: 14.10.2018, 00:58 / Views: 54565

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