The first teaser of the seventh season of "Game of Thrones"

"Lannisters, Targariens, Bagration, Starkey, Tyrrhenians - they are like spokes in the wheel: first one above, then the other, and the wheel is spinning, crushing those who are on the ground ..." - says the voice in the first teaser of the new season "Games of Thrones" . The series is back, and this is just great news. But when? The prime minister will have to wait - unlike last year, when the first episode was released in the spring, it will have to wait until mid-summer, namely until July 16. The date for the HBO television channel was reported on Facebook, and it should be noted that this was akin to torture experienced by the characters of the series: fans of fire and flames observed the process of melting an ice block in real time, in which there was a sign with the inscription "07.16.17" . Sophisticated, is not it? It's only the beginning!

Date: 10.10.2018, 08:06 / Views: 92341

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