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the child does not know how to think, is not friends with mathematics

child, girl, 7 years old, my granddaughter, does not know how to think, is not friendly with mathematics, has moved into 2nd grade — add up, deduct within 100 and even 20 is absolutely not able, responds to obum, how much we did not fight, did not explain falls into a stupor when it is necessary to solve an example. The father is very hot-tempered when he was engaged with her and took out his anger on her when she “braked.” Now 7 + 8 cannot add up and she gets 27-5 and 27, and what will happen next?


Raising a granddaughter is not your concern. Pay attention to yourself and your granddaughter will immediately become easier. Show her by your example how to be happy, and she will learn this from you. Love her just like that, and not for math and the ability to think.

The smarter the woman, the more miserable. Help her develop feelings and heart by her own example. For the rest, you only harm.


read about the program of mental arithmetic. that's what you need.for a couple of months, learn not just well, but awesome to count. Look at YouTube, for example, about the school Amakids - the most normal place in my opinion. in perspective, he can count both in his mind and songs at the same time! I'm serious!

Good day, Olga!

Tell me, do you go to this center or your friends?

My daughter walks) Well, these acquaintances have appeared, of course) but what is it? Do you want to ask about something?

I also have problems, in fact, the child loves to play Lego, do robotics, everything connected with logic and motor skills, but doesn’t like math at school. Of course, I think a lot depends on the teachers. In my opinion, if parents do not have enough patience, and teachers of talent to interest the child, then you can not do without professionals.

It may make sense to really consider special centers that do not force a child to do what he does not like, but who are really interested in him.

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