Bead Necklace “Tenderness”

Have you ever woven bead and bead jewelry? It does not matter, everyone started from the easiest, so we advise you to start weaving a simple necklace of beads, which consists of beads and a small pendant, made in the technique of weaving with a cross (it is also openwork weaving). After that, you can start experimenting with different chains of crosses.
So, take a fishing line or thin wire, any beads of two colors (you can take at your discretion). We also need a lock. First, make three pink beads and one white bead on the line / wire, pass the line through the white bead in the opposite direction with the second end - you get a vicious circle. Now make a light bead on each end of the fishing line, and with the help of one bead of the same color, close the second circle, also make the third circle and you can proceed to the lightest - just make the same number of beads on the ends of the fishing line and attach the fastener.
Our necklace" Tenderness "from beads is almost ready . It remains to finish our pendant. To do this, take a fishing line / wire (not very long), make three pink beads on it and close the ring with a white bead of the finished chain. Lead the line from the opposite side and lock another circle there to get a finished triangular pendant. The ends of the fishing line in the weave in the finished product to hide them and strengthen our necklaces.
Easy necklace" Tenderness "with an interesting pendant is ready. You can begin to master the technique of weaving a cross. Good luck!

Date: 17.11.2018, 02:53 / Views: 45551

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