Sweet Chocolate Roses Bouquet

Bouquet of sweet chocolate roses- master class, we do our own hands a magnificent bouquet of paper roses with a chocolate surprise inside.

Materials and tools:

  1. corrugated paper in pink and green;
  2. scissors;
  3. golden thread;
  4. wire;
  5. glue;
  6. Foil or gold wrapping paper.

Step 1

Cut squares from wrapping paper. Then wrap the candy in wrapping paper and tied with a gold thread.

Make the petals - cut out squares from pink corrugated paper, fold in half and round off one corner. Then we give the petal a natural curved shape.

Take the two finished petals, put the candy inside, wrap and tie with a thread at the base.

Step 2

Cut a square out of green paper and cut teeth into one side of it (see figure), wrap it around a bud and fix it with glue.

The finished bud is attached to the wire, which is also wrapped with green paper. The rose is ready.

Repeating these steps, we make the required number of roses, put them in a bouquet and give to our girlfriend.

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