Stylish tile "hog" - the highlight of your interior!

Bright or monochrome, patterned or one-color - the “hog” tile will decorate the apron in your kitchen or the “wet zone” in the bathroom. It is universal because it combines many style solutions: a hog tile can occupy the entire wall, creating a sense of integrity and unity of the interior, and can accentuate one area, for example, an apron, with the help of multi-colored combined models.

The tile “hog” got its interesting name a long time ago: during production, on the side of the tile there were two symmetrical grooves, which clearly resembled a penny. Years passed, and manufacturers have eliminated this defect, but the bright name is firmly established for the tile.

Today, the term tiles "hog" means almost any tile elongated brick shape. Sometimes she meets sloping edges, sometimes not.Most often it is the same color, although modern manufacturers have developed many models for every taste and wallet.

Tile "hog" - an interesting solution for the bathroom. Even if the choice fell on a simple white tile, do not worry that the bathroom will look too faded - dark grout, if desired, will highlight the brickwork. White grout, on the contrary, will create an atmosphere of elegant and holistic space.

For the “wet zone” give preference to a glossy rather than a matte surface. Gloss easier to wash, and on the matte tiles "hog" will be visible the smallest drops of water and stains.

The bathroom can start playing with new colors if you lay it out with “pig” tiles of an unusual color - for example, yellow, red and even green! See how well such unusual and bold design decisions look.

In the kitchen, tile "hog" is usually chosen in bright colors. Sometimes the owners select tiles of different shapes, colors and sizes to create a chaotic brick layout, which, nevertheless, looks amazing!

Do not be afraid to experiment with bright tiles on the apron - perhaps this is exactly what you need to refresh the interior of the kitchen and make it unique?

The bright “pig” tile in the kitchen will allow you to choose a set of bright colors that will look harmonious, despite the screaming color. Is this not a space for creativity!

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