Stylish dress-transformer: Pattern and Master Class

This dress is convenient in that it replaces several dresses at once. You can wear it with open or closed shoulders, with different ties and belts. A transforming dress is a universal thing that should be in the wardrobe of every woman.

So, first of all, you should decide on the color. As a rule, the dress-transformer is sewed from soft colors - gray, black, dark blue. This solution allows you to wear a universal outfit for different events. If you choose a bright color, then remember that you will not be able to wear it on any event.

So, we start to work:

1. Before you start, you should determine how long you want the dress. To do this, attach a centimeter to the waist and take it to the desired length. For example, you got 50 cm. Then measure the waist circumference and divide it by 4. In our case, it turns out to be 15 cm.

2. Next, go to the top. Start measuring the length of the stamp should be with the chest girth. Our girth is 90 cm.Now measure the length, it turned out 38 cm.

3. For the belt, it is necessary to measure the girth just below the waist - where the skirt begins. We got 68 cm.

4. Ties are the most important details in a transformer dress. With their help you can create different collars and necklines. Regardless of the size of the dress, the ties can be the same standard length. For convenience, they are listed on the pattern below.

5. After you have made the dress open, go to the details. We begin with the top. It must be folded in half and brushed along. Try it on. You may have to cut a little more fabric. We sew an elastic band to the top of the top.

6. In order to sew the belt, it must be the same as the top, folded in half along, stitch and unscrew. Ties need to sweep around the edges. If you have high-quality knitwear, you may not need a twig. Look carefully at the fabric: if it does not pour, and the threads tightly hold the structure, then everything is in order.

7. Go to the skirt. Hem should bend and flash. An elastic band is inserted into the belt, but a little wider than the one that you put in the top.

8. All seams should be sewn with a special knitted suture, at the extreme - zigzag, or better - stitched on the overlock.

9.We put together the details of the dress: fasten them together to get a single whole. For a start, it is necessary to lay out ties to the skirt. Next, a belt is sewn to the place of unity of all the details. The top is sewn to the top of the belt from the inside. Sew a dress on a sewing machine.

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