SIP-house: how to build it

For any client who would like to order a house from a SIP panel, its cost and understanding of what it should give a certain amount of money for is determined.

The funds that the customer will have to pay to become the owner of their own home will be spent on the purchase of materials and payment for the following types of work:

• production of the required number of components and their delivery by factory transport to the place of assembly;

• manufacturing of the foundation;

• erection of walls and roof;

• Carrying out the whole complex of finishing works, as well as distributing and connecting communications.

Already at the stage of project selection, you can calculate the cost of components that will be required for the construction of a house. It should be understood that the larger the area chosen by the house, the more components required for its construction, and the more expensive in the end the construction of such a house will cost the customer.

In relation to the choice of the foundation, one should proceed from the fact that it should be as durable and reliable as possible.otherwise, the threat of possible destruction will constantly hang over the erected structure. Therefore, saving on the foundation is not worth it, but choosing a pile option that is optimal - it will ensure the reliability of the structure regardless of the soil on which it was erected.

Those who want to acquire their own house, assembled from CIP panels, can choose one of the following ways for its construction:

• Purchase only the required set of materials. This is done in the case when the customer expects to cope with the assembly of the house on their own. This option is suitable for those buyers who own many construction specialties and will be able to perform a significant part of the house assembly work themselves.

Those who expect to hire a brigade of assemblers for building a house cheaper often become victims of hacks, as a result of which they spend a lot of time and money to bring the house to a normal state.

• Purchase a set of building materials at the site with services for the manufacture of the foundation and the assembly of the building. Those who stop at this option, as a result, receive a ready-made box at home in which it is necessary to carry out finishing works and start all the necessary communications.After that, the owners of such unfinished business will have to hire several different teams, each of which will do its job: wiring electrical wiring, finishing walls and ceilings, installing and connecting plumbing.

At the same time, practice shows that such an option is more expensive at a price than if all the work were performed by a single contractor.

• Order a house from SIP panels "turnkey".

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