A simple knitting hat

Materials and tools:

  1. 2 skeins of yarn (100% merino, 160 m / 50 g);
  2. stocking needles number 4 or circular knitting method "magic loop";
  3. 2 long, stocking or circular needles number 3.5 to start knitting;
  4. 1 marker to mark the beginning of the series;
  5. needle for yarn.

Pattern Description

Density of knitting: 24 p. and 34 p. = 10x10 cm garter viscous with smaller needles.

A hat can be knitted on stocking knitting needles or circular knitting needles that are equal to or less than the cap's circumference.

Dimensions: S (M / L) or 53-55 (55-57, 57-59) see

Knitting description

We collect 90 (100/110) loops for long needles No. 3.5, translate the loops into knitting needles for knitting in a circle, set a marker.

We knit people. p. 12 rows.

1 row of int. p., 13 rows of persons. p.

Fold the canvas in half at the bend - the back row and connect the gate, tying together the front 1 loop, picked up from the pigtail of the dial, and 1 loop from the knitting needle. It should be a double gateway.

1 person p., then change to the spokes number 4.

A number of increases: * 10 persons. p., add 1 loop, repeat from *.

Main pattern: * 5 rows, all loops are purl,4 rows, all loops are facial, * we repeat 10 times (or as you see fit), we finish the main pattern after knitting the rows with the wrong ones.

A number of increments of 1: * 1 persons. n., 2 together face, we repeat from *.

1 row of individuals. p.

Row 2: * 1 persons. n., 2 together face, we repeat from *.

1 row of individuals. p.

A number of increments of 3: * 2, together with the front, we repeat from *.

Cut the thread, stretch it through the remaining loop, tighten and fasten. Hide the ends of the threads.

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