Shopping basket

A basket in the house is a very necessary thing. However, a good, large, shopping basket is not a cheap pleasure. A little thought, I decided to independently make such a necessary item. A basket of newspaper tubes, as an option, I immediately brushed off. Too laborious and long this business. Having rummaged through her materials, she found old non-woven wallpaper, pieces of which remained after the repair. And then a great idea came to my mind, in my opinion. So, today I want to share with you the experience of how you can get a great, roomy basket in a couple of hours. I needed to work: - corrugated cardboard; - double-sided tape; - non-woven wallpaper (1 meter wide); - PVA glue. First you need to make the bottom of the basket. To do this, cut out of corrugated cardboard two identical rectangles 20x30 cm.
 I needed to work
Now we cut the wallpaper into strips 15 cm wide. we cut wallpaper
These are the blank strips I got.
 billet strips
We fold stripes along the entire length three times and stitch on a sewing machine from two sides.
we sew on a sewing machine
The result is strips 5 cm wide. I had two types of wallpaper: 14 blue strips, 45 cm long - turned out to be the base, and 7 pink stripes, 1m long - weaving.
are obtained strips
Using double-sided tape, glue strips to one of the bases.
>img src="" alt="glue strips" title="glue strips">
paste strips Top with good glue with white glue and apply the second base.
 we coat with glue
Give dry and glue a piece of wallpaper, hiding a corrugated cardboard.
raisemain strips
Now raise the main strips up and begin to weave the basket, wrapping around the blue strips in pink in a checkerboard pattern. Each row should be weighed separately, fixing the edge with glue and stapler.
 raise the main strips
In the last row you need to wrap the blue strips inward, as in the photo.
 Hoz basket of goods
And what kind of basket do we get. Shopping basket
Basket height - 40 cm. The basket is very roomy and strong. Anything can be stored in it, such as underwear, or, like me, flaps of fabrics, knitting yarns and knitting needles. And the time to make this miracle took two hours. Of course, you can add some zest to it, for example, make a lid and pens, sew an inner case or decorate the outside with decoupage. This is a matter of your imagination. And I wish you good luck and inspiration!
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