We sew a small box for storage

We sew a small box for storing various small thingsand not only, it all depends on the size you need. The box has a tag, so you will always know what is inside. Such boxes will be useful for any needlewoman.

Materials and tools:

  1. dense fabric (similar to canvas)
  2. thread, scissors, ruler and pencil;
  3. sewing machine and iron
  4. label holder (tag) and nail polish.

Step 1

We take holders with etiquette and paint nail polish in the color you like. Leave the holders dry.

Step 2

Take a cloth and cut a square or rectangle of any size from it. Using a pencil and a ruler, draw lines, departing from each side of the same distance (10 cm here). A grid of 9 squares is obtained.

Cut the corner squares with scissors.

We take a cloth of a different color and repeat this step.There will be two identical parts.

Step 3

Put the parts together, align the edges and cut them with needles. Now we sew the parts on the sewing machine, retreating from the edge of 0.5 cm. We leave a small area not stitched to turn out the workpiece.

At the end of this step, use scissors to cut off the excess fabric at the outer and inner corners (see. Figure). So that after turning the blank, everything looked neat and without folds.

Step 4

Align the fabric, if the corners are badly twisted, you can use a pencil and align them. Thoroughly iron the workpiece with an iron.

Once again we sew the blank on the sewing machine, retreating from the edge of 0.5 cm. Also we sew a hole by bending the fabric inside the blank.

Step 5

Fold the blank as shown. Sew the sides of the box on the sewing machine along the seam line. So we sew all sides of the box.

At the end we sew the holder for the tag. Everythingfabric storage boxis ready.

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