Secrets of the choice of glue gun

The main and main technical characteristics of the glue gun

The most important aspects of choosing a truly convenient and efficient tool are two factors. The first is the warming-up speed of the glue stick, and the second is the capacity of the tank inside the gun.
For example, the lack of power during the so-called melting of the rod or container for the adhesive composition can cause forced stops when working with the tool. Some manufacturers of such equipment specifically for users with different requirements for energy expenditure have developed glue guns with adjustable power, the level of which is set manually.

Secrets of choosing the right tool

When choosing the best glue gun in a specialized store, you should also pay attention to the temperature mode of the device. Moreover, this function is very relevant when working with heat-sensitive materials, for which it is not enough to have the extremes of "minimum" and "maximum", but also intermediate modes are necessary.
A truly “smart” equipment also has its own temperature indicators, which allows you to warn in time the possible overheating of the device and turn it off from the network.
It is also better to choose models with an existing readiness indicator, which in time will signal that the temperature of the adhesive has reached the desired one. This function can prevent damage to the tool as a result of an early trigger pull on the device.
According to user reviews, it is important in the glue gun and the presence of a built-in flashlight to illuminate the working area, which is very convenient when working with hard-to-reach places.
It is worth paying attention to the possibility of changing various nozzles of the glue gun to shorter or, on the contrary, long, wide or narrow ones.
Some models of glue guns from well-known manufacturers (for example, Bosch or Stayer) are equipped with nipples, due to which the number of falling excess droplets is reduced.
Convenient and transparent window of the working area, when you can add confidence with your own eyes to the signal of the melt status indicator.
Immediately before buying it is necessary to hold the glue gun in your hands, try on how comfortable it is for your hand, whether it is too heavy and, most importantly, whether the design of the trigger fits your finger. This element of the tool is very important, and possible frequent slipping of the finger can significantly harm the process of work.

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