Secrets of seducing men by the signs of the zodiac

No wonder they say that men and women came from different planets. Sometimes it comes to the fact that they do not even know where to start a joint conversation. However, when an attractive young man comes in sight of the girl, she is forced to have a set of knowledge in order to attract his attention. But how to understand what this stranger will like? Everything becomes much easier if you know to which representative of the zodiacal circle it belongs. So, what are the secrets of seducing men by the signs of the zodiac? The article was prepared on the basis of the material:


This is a persistent and energetic guy, taking all the initiative in their hands. But you need to be desired for him. He is not attracted to obedience, because he does not like easy ways. Therefore, play out of reach. The main bait is intelligence. He will not stay close if he is corny bored. And there is no need to understand the physics or nuclear technologies.The ability to enthusiastically chat about your favorite movie, book or situation in the world will already make you more interesting. But the skill of an attentive listener will highlight among other aspirants.


This is a conservative who can not be hurried or dictate ultimatums. You can try to motivate, hint or ask, but never push! Forget about tricks and sophisticated maneuvers. The simpler and clearer, the sooner understand what they want from him. This is a representative of Venus, so it is fond of beauty. He cherishes tactile pleasure, so put on the quality of intimate contact. Add to this a cozy home and a delicious dinner, and it will be at your feet.


If you are hooked Gemini, congratulate yourself, as he strives for everything extraordinary. He likes only the unusual. Choose a non-standard place for a date, and from time to time your actions should be beyond the limits of predictability. The longer you remain a mystery, the more it attracts. Just do not forget that in long-term relationships this role will attach to you forever.


With Cancer it will be difficult, as this is a person of emotions and it is incredibly easy to offend him.Appreciates sincerity, so do not be afraid to tell about your dreams, problems and desires. Any meeting should carry a romantic context. Be gentle and do not pretend, as he will feel the deception and immediately leave.

a lion

Only the one who is not tired of daily adoring this guy stays with Leo. The secret is simple - a lot of praise, chic appearance and again compliments. He will not stand against admiration, as he needs him every second. If you also look at the world as well, then it will not go anywhere. Remember that he likes everything beautiful, so change your jeans to a beautiful dress.


Virgo should not be attributed to the asexual type, because he just does not forget about the limits of decency and tries to behave like a gentleman. Such a man is just too shy and discreet, because he is afraid to make a mistake. We'll have to wait and not embarrass him with his pressure. Do not talk about sex, be more modest and more conservative. Then he will open.


With Libra, a lot of incomprehensible, since he can enjoy the compliments and suddenly becomes unusually cold and inaccessible. It's all about balance.So, if you praise one quality, then do not forget about the rest, otherwise joy will turn into an insult. He has high standards, so your attractiveness, intelligence and behavior will play a key role. If you show him a source of harmony, then congratulate yourself on the victory.


With Scorpio will be very difficult, especially in the early stages. This is the owner of many quirks, which will have to get used to and even love, as they will not disappear anywhere. At first, he will appear cold and detached. To get through the wall, be frank, honest and benevolent. He despises hypocrisy and deceit, so don't risk it. Play in the open and forgive his temper.


To seduce Sagittarius is the simplest task, since he immediately takes over this process on himself. He is interested in everything, so it�s good enough to look good and talk to him But since he is credited with the lovelover, it will be harder to keep him after the first night. He is looking for not just a skilled lover, but a best friend. Laugh at jokes and appreciate the sharp mind. To impress, give up the chic restaurants and just stroll along the beach, invite to go hiking in the mountains or choose any other activity.


This is a deep, but closed character.Do not expect to fit first, so you have to do everything yourself. He does not stick out his best side, and opens only in conversation. Stretches to quality, so that each meeting must take place at the highest level. No need to specifically become a puritan, just do not slip into cheap tricks, vulgarity and spontaneity.


Volodya loves confidence in people. So do not hesitate to be active. He likes unusual people who go beyond. Will respond to the flirt if he sees an outstanding personality in you. You can be interested in an interesting conversation, especially about something mystical, mysterious, alien. Such a dialogue will be remembered by him, and he will think about you afterwards. It is necessary to excite intellectually, and then ready for physical seduction.


With Fish, you must find contact through common interests. First of all, this is a topic of health. It is enough to talk about healthy nutrition, diets, gymnastics, various physical exercises, and he will immediately connect. He appreciates exciting conversations, so get ready to talk a lot. It will help the right clothes and interior, the color of which should be associated with water.The same goes for dating. You can choose a movie with a marine theme or go to the pond.

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