Scientists: because of social networks, children dream of changing their appearance

It turns out that among the very young users are very popular applications that allow you to change appearance. And even virtual plastic surgery. And this is alarming experts.

Cute faces in Snapchat, nyashnye big-eyed young ladies after processing in Meitu, an incredible make-up made right on the smartphone ... What a bad idea? But researchers from the University of Manchester believe that all.

The Council on Bioethics called upon all applications and online games that allow you to change your appearance to burn with a hot iron from social networks. According to experts, the main consumers of such applications are children.

“We were shocked when we realized that applications for make-up and plastic surgeon games were aimed at girls between the ages of eight and ten,” said Jeanette Edwards, a professor of social anthropology at the University of Manchester.

danger of social networks for a child
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All these applications are an opportunity. And the reason that prompts girls to virtually change their appearance is advertising and gloss.

“In social networks, unrealistic and often discriminatory ideas about how people should look, especially girls and women, are constantly being promoted.” Here you can not argue with the professor.

Especially alarming experts toy "Plastic Surgeon" and its many clones. It allows you to modify your appearance - and the face and body. There are other applications that offer to make a beauty out of the monster with the help of the same plastic. In the role of the monster - the girl and crooked teeth and obesity. And it is worth sending it under the knife, as soon as it turns out beauty.

“And all this - for the likes! People are confident that beauty will bring them happiness, make them successful, ”laments Jeanette Edwards.

Well and more celebrities. The same Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s little sister, does not hide the fact that by the age of 19 she had pretty much redrawed her appearance. But she is successful. And, as it seems from the outside, without putting any effort into it. As a result, according to experts, children almost from the cradle begin to dream of plastic in order to come closer to their ideal.From here it is already within reach to neurosis, bulimia with anorexia and other misfortunes. And it would seem, just cute little faces.

Another opinion

Natalya Gabovskaya, editor of the Children column:

- Immediately make a reservation - I have a child, a teenage daughter. And I think the hysteria around social networks is only far-fetched. "Blue whale"? Yes, forgive me, not a single child, whose house is all right, will not be thrown from the roof at 4:20, because someone “zombies” him there. A child who since childhood is quite sincerely told that he is beautiful, beautiful and wonderful, will not dream of cutting or increasing something there. Or maybe you do not explain to children what social networks are and which creatures inhabit them? Do not explain that a doll is only a doll, not a role model?

danger of social networks for a child
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You can destroy the beauty industry, making it the industry of the rich inner world. And you can teach your little man to believe in yourself and love yourself. Or maybe we want to destroy in children the desire to become better, stronger, more beautiful? You can try to exclude from the outside world all possible and impossible dangers. And you can learn to recognize them and confront them.Or do we want to grow a greenhouse plant, which will carry the first breeze?

Children will inevitably face the outside world, with its standards of beauty and success. And if neurosis develops at the sight of all these ideals or not, it depends only on ourselves.

And applications - God be with them. Better virtual make-up than my own cosmetics, smeared wherever possible.

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