Revva invites Perm to the film, in which she acted with his mother

To win a ticket to the comedy “Grandma of Easy Conduct,” in which the showman played a major role, answer just one question.
Grandma easy behavior
Grandmother, played Revva, playful curls and lively character
Photo: frame from the film

The star of KVN and Comedy Club, Alexander Revva, played in the new film of the fraudster Sanya, who easily reincarnated into different characters. When gangsters begin to pursue him, Sanya comes up with a cunning plan: in the form of an elderly aunt, he settles in a nursing home.

“Of course, such dressing up in the cinema is not uncommon, but everything else is the idea of ​​the creators of the project,” says Alexander Revva. - We have long thought, what should be our grandmother of easy virtue. Why did not try! Initially, I imagined a completely different image - an old grandmother, 70–80 years old, small, shriveled. And then I realized that it would be interesting for about 15 minutes, then the viewer would start getting tired of her.We made five or six variations of different images. And then my mother came to the rescue. She is 64 years old, but on energy - 27! As a result, such a woman 50+ I play: vigorous, active, in which everything is just beginning! By the way, my mother also starred in "Grandma", she played my aunt. This is her first film role with which she did an excellent job. ”

The actor recorded a special appeal to Perm citizens: he invited everyone to the film.

Do you want to watch the comedy “Grandma of Easy Conduct” for free? Answer only one question:

Who played nurse Luba, in which, according to the plot, the hero of Alexander Revva falls in love?

A) Nyusha;

B) Barbara Vizbor;

B) Natalya Chistyakova-Ionova (Glyuk’oZa).

Callon Monday, August 21, from 15:00 to 16:00 on tel. (342) 20-999-80.You will get through and answer the first or the seventh question correctly - you will receive 2 tickets to the Kinomax cinema for the film “Grandma's Easy Conduct”.

UPD:competition is over. The first and the seventh were phoned to us and correctly answered Vildan Shafikov and Ekaterina Kuzmina, who receive two tickets to the Kinomax cinema for the film “Grandma of Easy Conduct”.

Contest Rules

1. Any citizen of the Russian Federation living in the Perm Territory can participate.

2The competition is held on August 21, 2017.

3. The winners will be the participants who gave the correct answers to the 1st and 7th. The prize fund is 4 tickets to the Kinomax cinema.

4. Winner information will be published on Woman’s Day website on August 21 at 17:00.

5. The fact of participation in the competition implies that participants agree that their names, photographs and other materials can be used by the organizer of the competition at the discretion of the latter.

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