Repair broken connector lug

A plastic connector for connecting an internet cable is a very fragile thing. Especially often when the cable is regularly connected to various devices, the locking tab of the connector breaks. Such a breakdown leads to the fact that the plug connection is not fixed, so the connector jumps out of the socket at the slightest movement of the cable. Today I will tell you how you can quickly fix the situation with two ordinary cable ties.
Repair the broken connector tongue
Repair broken connector lug
Important! This method should be considered as a temporary solution and is suitable only for home use.

A necessary tool

In addition to two small cable ties, you will need the following tool:
  • Sharp knife.
  • Cutting pliers.
  • Pliers or a special gun for tightening cable ties.
The size of the screeds is of great importance: the width of the head should correspond exactly to the width of the upper part of the socket.Experimentally, I picked up the size of the head - it is 4.3 mm. Such a coupler enters the nest with a familiar click, and when you try to pull it out by the tie, there is good resistance.

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