Rep ribbons in creating jewelry and jewelry

Rep ribbons in the creation of jewelry and jewelry play an important role. This is a convenient material for decoration and decoration, it can be used as a stylish and beautiful base. Rep ribbons of different widths and colors are used to make bows, pins, various headbands and brooches, stylish chokers. Today there is a large selection of a wide variety of ribbons, with which you can create exclusive jewelry and stylish jewelry.

Repin ribbons for decorations

Rep ribbons are woven fabrics offered in reels. Products may have a different width, usually it is 25 mm, 22 mm, 15 mm, 9 mm, 6 mm - the choice depends on the type of jewelry and the characteristics of their manufacture. The material itself is distinguished by special weaving with transverse, very small cuts, formed by threads. Cotton, natural wool, the finest silk threads are used as raw materials for the manufacture of rep ribbons. The range is very rich, the products differ not only in type of base, but also in color.

The site presents a large selection of ribbons to create jewelry:

  • thin brooches or necklaces for decoration;
  • wide, used as a base for various decorations;
  • strong and durable cotton
  • elegant silk with a light, very beautiful glitter
  • colored bright ribbons;
  • monochrome or with beautiful patterns.

For durability, rep ribbons are not inferior to leather laces or a basis of very thick fabric. Products are widely used for the manufacture of jewelry, stylish jewelry, bows, decorating hats or garments, hairpins. Feature of the tapes is that they do not stretch, do not become covered with puffs, such products will last a long time and will not lose brightness, color intensity.

Today, wide, bright ribbons with rich, pleasant hues are very popular. These can be monochrome products or models with a beautiful print in the form of a floral or floral ornament. With these ribbons, you can create unusual, exclusive jewelry that will perfectly complement the image of any fashionable woman, make it more expressive.

On the pages of online stores you can buy rapeseed ribbons of any kind, selecting products that best suit the purpose and type of jewelry. Strong, beautiful and high-quality tapes will help needlewomen to realize the boldest fantasies, creating unique jewelry with their own hands.

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