Quick and easy ways to tie a scarf. Surprise everyone with one of the ways

In winter, you need to keep your neck warm. And if you are bored with wearing a scarf every time in the same way, be sure to check out this video. The girl showed as many as 25 ways to tie a scarf in just a few seconds. I wonder how you usually use? Maybe you should change it to something more original?

1. Take a triangular handkerchief and put it on your shoulders. Wrap one edge of the shawl around the neck and stretch the ends so that they are the same length.

2. Put a handkerchief on your shoulders and just straighten its ends straight. Classic drape ready.

3. To make a knot calledRabbit ears, place the handkerchief on your shoulders so that one edge is longer than the other. Twist the long edge of the scarf around your neck 2 times, and then skip the free edge under the top fold of the scarf. Then tie the two ends together into a knot and hide it under the scarf.

4. Node"Double Rainbow"can be done only with a handkerchief, whose face and wrong side are of different colors. Put a handkerchief on your shoulders, and then twist one edge around your neck. Turn the edges of the shawl out in a contrasting color.

5. Node«The Turtle"Are tied as follows. You need to tightly twist the scarf around the neck several times, tie the ends into a knot and hide it under the folds of the scarf.

These and twenty other interesting sites can be found in the video.

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