Pregnant Regina Todorenko shows her tummy in a bikini

The star no longer hides its interesting position.

The host of the “Eagle and Tashka” program recently accepted a marriage proposal from singer Vlad Topalov. Regina shared the good news herself and published a photo with an engagement ring. What the girl is not in a hurry to spread is about her pregnancy, which, according to her fans, is already pointless to deny. Regina’s outfits are becoming freer every month, she is photographed so that her tummy doesn’t get into the frame, but the fans have no doubts: very soon 28-year-old Todorenko will give birth.

What admired Regina's admirers was because of her energy and fearlessness. The presenter came to the radio broadcast to Alla Dovlatova and agreed to dance with her. And it would be okay if the stars just circled in time with the music. No, pregnant Regina raised her legs high, sank to the floor and showed breakdance and even twerk! Surround, of course, came as a shock.

In the comments to the video, the girls began to congratulate the artist, to write that you can clearly see the tummy here, you cannot hide anything, no matter how hard you try. The star was praised for its excellent physical shape. At this time, and so sexy and energetic dance - it's just something incredible.

Regina chose not to respond to comments. But a few days later she posted on Instagram a post where she honestly admitted: “We are waiting for replenishment”. At this place, the fans, oddly enough, even slightly offended - they say, why was it assured that she was not pregnant? To which other subscribers responded that to hide the situation or not to hide is Regina’s own business and does not concern anyone.

And the presenter pleased the fans of the video, which flashed an impressive tummy in a bikini. It seems that the completion will happen very soon!

By the way, lately, many star moms are trying to emphasize their sexuality. For example, as the actress Anna Khilkevich recently did. And already no one hesitates to wear swimsuits. See our gallery for more details.

Date: 15.10.2018, 17:53 / Views: 82565

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