Poster for February 23 (Crafts school and kindergarten)

Walls-traditional decorations of holidays and memorable dates. The stenogas is a familiar attribute of the holiday, especially in schools.In addition, this fascinating process undoubtedly develops the skills of working in a team. Each performer is responsible for his part of the work: someone is painting, someone is gluing, and some people are composing holiday rhymes and looking for photos.

Poster -catchy, usually large-formatimage, accompanied by a short text.

As usual, wall newspapers or a poster are performed on sheets of A1 format, on the so-called "Whatman paper" or "Whatman".

As a rule, this festive event decoration is done manually, drawn and colored.

Materials and tools:

  1. A1 paper (Whatman);
  2. 4-color napkins (white, blue, red, green);
  3. Stencils of letters and numbers "February 23"
  4. yellow or gold colored paper;
  5. PVA glue, pencil, ruler, stapler, double-sided tape;
  6. Wooden skewers 3pcs.

Step 1

Disconnect the napkin if it is multilayered and cut each layer into 16 squares.

From each square, roll up the balls in your hands.

We need napkins of three basic colors as the flag of Russia:

White color- nobility and frankness;

Blue color- loyalty, honesty, flawlessness and chastity;

Red color- courage, courage, generosity and love.

Step 2

Split a sheet of drawing paper horizontally into three equal parts.

Step 3

Stick the balls of napkins on the drawing paper, according to the colors of the Russian flag.

1. White

2. Blue

3. Red

From a large amount of glue, paperman can start to curl. You can fasten it on the sides of the ruler or other flat dense sticks with large clips.

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