Digit Card

To make such a holiday card you need:
 Postcard figure
- cardboard., - scissors., - glue gun., - compass.
- purple beads. - tweezers. - ribbon for decorating flower bouquets of two different shades: orange and lilac. - transparent adhesive tape. - large silver beads. - stapler The sequence of making a postcard. On a piece of cardboard with the help of a compass to draw the figure 8, which will consist of circles. At the same time, the radius of the outer circles is 4 and 4.5 cm. The diameter of the inner figures is 1.3 cm. Next, the resulting drawing must be cut out.
Postcard figure
Basis for postcard prepared, now it should be wrapped with ribbon for the design of bouquets lilac shade. The edge of the ribbon must be attached with scotch tape, and the free part of the cardboard should be wrapped gradually, starting from the upper circle.
 Postcard figure
After wrapping the top of the postcard, you must make the transition to the lower circle,without cutting off the tape.
 Postcard figure
After the wrapping, the ribbon should be cut off, leaving a small tail that must be carefully secured.
Postcard figure
Now you need flowers, which are created from the same type of ribbon 1.5 cm wide, only orange. It is necessary using a ruler and scissors to cut 24 lengths of 7 cm.
 Postcard figure
From each such segment it is necessary to make petals, having combined edges together, overlapping each other creating a loop.
Postcard figure
In this position, the part needs to be fixed with transparent tape.
From orange segments you should get these petals for flowers.
Postcard figure
Then all the petals should be combined into 4 pieces in a circle, fastening them at one point using adhesive tape.
 Postcard figure
You will get 6 pieces that need to be stapled together in pairs,to get three flowers. To connect the circles, you must use a stapler.
 Postcard figure
To complement the colors, you will need leaves of green ribbon, which are created from 6 cm long pieces. They need 9 pieces, per one edge of which you need to cut a groove.
 Postcard figure
The received parts must be combined three pieces together and attached to colors.
 The number card

The resulting buds now need to be attached to a piece of cardboard, using a stapler for mounting.
Postcard figure
To fill the middle of the colors and close the staples from the stapler, you need to glue one large silver bead, surrounding it with 6 beads of a purple hue. Postcard figure It's only necessary to add a card with individual purple beads, placing them at a short distance.  Postcard figure Postcard is ready!
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