Many craftswomen make different trees with their own hands from beads, plaster and other materials. Such trees certainly look very beautiful, but not many know that a beautiful ornamental tree can also be made from plastic bottles and wire. For manufacturing we need: - Wire (thin and thick) - Green plastic bottle. - Scissors. - Needle. - Candle and matches. - Pot. Gypsum or cement. - Threads of gray and green.
- Glue. First, take a thick wire, in this case aluminum wire. Bite off of her three segments of the same length and twist them together. On the one hand, the ends of the wire bend, this will be the foundation of the future tree.  the foundation of the future tree
the foundation of the future tree We take a pot, pour in it a solution of gypsum (cement), into the center of the pot insert the barrel with bent ends down.  fill in Putting the pot aside until the mortar is completely set. In the meantime, let's go into the branches for the tree.Take a clean plastic bottle, cut the bottom and neck from it, and cut this blank into small squares of different sizes.
 sprigs for a tree
From these small squares we cut leaves.
branches for a tree
Now take a needle, heat its tip over a burning candle and make holes in the leaves.
 branches for the tree
And the leaves themselves not much under the melt above the burning candle.
 sprigs for the tree
Now we need a thin wire. We cut off a segment of the desired length from it. We pierce one end of the wire through a hole in the leaf, bend the wire in half, the ends will need to be twisted together.
 sprigs for a tree
It turned out original twigs, that's from such branches we will collect a full beautiful branch. To do this, we make the necessary number of leaves that are on the wire, then we fold the leaves together, and the ends of the wire are twisted together again.Thus, we creak them well.
 branches for the tree
 sprigs for the tree
We gather these sprigs into one big twig. Accordingly, the ends of the wire weave together. Here is one sprig ready. Making the necessary number of branches for the tree.
 collect tree
We take threads, in this case gray, and wrap them with a twig. The ends of the thread fix glue. You do not need to wind the end of the sprig.
 collect tree
When the solution in the pot is frozen and the tree trunk is well fixed, you can collect our tree. We take one twig and bare ends of the wire around the tree trunk. Thus, we fix a sprig on the trunk. Below we make long twigs, and above the twigs are shorter. So the tree will look more natural.
 collect the tree
This way we attach all the twigs. The tree trunk will also need to be wrapped with the same thread,like sprigs.
collect the tree
The tree is ready. Now, take the green threads and make them into a pot. To do this, we cut the threads into the required length, fold them in half, fold the side of the fold with glue and glue the thread to the plaster.
Then you can decorate the pot itself from the outside at will. And our Topol is ready.
In this technique, you can make any tree: birch, rowan or apple. It already depends on your imagination.
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