Pillow with embroidery Explosion of color

Pillow with embroidery Color Explosion- enjoy the summer, admiring the spectacular pillow that will compete with designer souvenirs brought from distant wanderings.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. Canvas of "green lime" color 70x70cm;
  3. cotton fabric with a pattern
  4. 38mm diameter button;
  5. filler.


Step 1

When the embroidery is finished, draw a circle about 45 cm in diameter from the seamy side of the fabric. To draw a circle of such a large diameter, use a needle, a thread and a pencil (see picture). Cut the embroidery and the fabric detail with the pattern backing 1.5 cm from the line of the circle to the edge of the fabric.

Fold the two parts face-to-face, pin them together and sew on a typewriter, leaving a hole for inversion.Turn on the front side and tightly fill with filler. The amount of filler needed for a little one might surprise you! Sew a hole with a secret stitch.

Tape a button with a diameter of 38 mm, use the same fabric from which you cut the back cushion.

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