Physiognomy: what the nose can tell about a man

Psychologist, writer and physiognomist Dmitry Soroka believes that when meeting a person should be well consider his nose. That he will be able to give a charismatic leader, a generous guy or a visionary.

For many stars, noses have become a calling card. When there is a desire to do rhinoplasty, think carefully. Changing appearance, turn life. For example, Johnny Depp and Jim Carrey are proud of their big noses, the actor and writer Stephen Fry even had no idea to straighten a nose that was broken in childhood.

A person says a lot, tells and reveals a lot, - Dmitry Soroka argues. - But there are special parts on it that will help to make a good description of the interlocutor. And, without a doubt, here "the nose around the head." You have noticed how different noses people can have: long, short, tiny with a sharp tip, snub-nosed, potatoes, etc. Nature has endowed man with a huge number of forms, and therefore these forms have content.Even by nationality, we understand that noses are different. For example, people of Caucasian blood more often have a big nose with a bright little hump, and their temperament will always be different, suppose, from quiet Swiss, who can boast of neat little noses.

Long and wide nose

physiognomy: what the nose can tell about a man
Mel Gibson
Photo: Legion-Media
Psychologist, writer, entrepreneur and physiognomist Dmitry Soroka understands what the most prominent part on the face can tell
Dmitry Soroka

All owners of long noses have a pronounced individuality. This bright individuality is not always friendly with “newness”, and in some cases, on the contrary, people with a long nose are extremely conservative. For example, a long and wide nose betrays a calm person with a steady temperament.

Big and "fleshy" nose

physiognomy: what the nose can tell about a man
Gerard Depardieu
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Dmitry Soroka

As a rule, it is the nose of a leader and a leader, a person of purpose and with a rod. These people are endowed with an assertive character and achieve their goals, often at any cost.

Long and thin nose

Adrien brody
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Dmitry Soroka

A long and thin nose (bony) speaks more of a man as proud, unsightly and with a fair amount of arrogance.

Little nose

Matt Bomer
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Dmitry Soroka

This is where the antithesis of the statement works: do not stick your big nose ... If people with a big nose have it in them to poke in and out, learn new things, strive for great achievements, then the owner of a small nose is a petty person, often jealous. But if the nose is small (short), but broad, then here is another matter: a serious, open, impulsive person. You can deal with him.

Long nose with a sharp tip

Nicolas Cage
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Dmitry Soroka

An insightful and ambitious man who has a strong craving for money, has a long nose with a “refined” smooth and sharp tip.

Wide nose

Javier Bardem
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Dmitry Soroka

Men with such a nose generously give their women attention and gifts. It is easy for such people to share with others, and at the same time, if the nose is not only wide, but also of large forms, a person will always strive to learn the meaning of life and the purity of morals.

Roman nose

Jean reno
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Dmitry Soroka

Oh yes, this form is very memorable. One would like to say that a person with an aquiline nose shape is reliable, intelligent, caring. That's the way it may be so, but we must be treated with caution, because men with such a beautiful nose shape are in most cases extremely vain and arrogant. They can tell a lot about themselves, but in reality they are not.More often they are good storytellers of non-existent stories.

Potato nose

Tom Hanks
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Dmitry Soroka

These people are calm, like comfort and silence. They are not drawn to adventure, but are attracted by stability. Owners of such forms of the nose, as usual, are good-hearted and benevolent. On the request for help respond with pleasure.

Snub nose

Thomas Sangster
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Dmitry Soroka

With such men it is easy to communicate. This is the soul of the company. They are full of optimism, faith in a bright future and rarely lose heart. But at the same time vulnerable, they are very easy to offend. By the way, and with taste in such people, everything is in order.

The whole truth is at the tip of the nose

Still important is the tip of the nose, which harbors various characters. For example, the tip, raised up, testifies to the impressionability, impulsiveness and lifelong “motor” in a person.

If your partner has a very high nose, you know, he always has to do with it. But calculating and suspicious people gives the tip of the nose, which is bent down. These will definitely be rechecking everything, but they are very good at getting on with finances.

The tip of the nose in the form of an eagle's beak speaks of man’s cunning and his vindictiveness. Revenge such people know how.

Just the sharp tip of the nose betrays people who can control themselves in everything.They are often talented in the works.

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