Oksana Fedorova: “Family is my main achievement”

The TV presenter, the only Russian woman - the owner of the title “Miss Universe - 2002” told about the path to success.
Photo: Oksana Fedorova personal archive

- My first beauty contest was held at the age of ten in the Parus camp in the Pskov region. I didn’t really want to participate, I was nominated, and I took the third place. I remember, at twelve, I watched on TV a broadcast of the final of the contest of beauties "Miss World." The winner - an Indian sat in a red convertible presented to her and drove through the streets to greet people. I liked this picture so much then that it attracted my attention to the TV. Then something sank in the chest. But I could not imagine that someday I myself would get to such a large-scale beauty contest.

In Puerto Rico, at Miss Universe 2002, I was driving completely alone. When I noticed the poster “Russia, you and I” in the stands, it felt so good, as well as from the applause that I heard when I was declared the winner.I felt that the whole room supported this decision. She herself experienced the joy of ending the process. Finally, everything was resolved, and the tension subsided. I was so tired then, that even at the ball I spent a maximum of half an hour and went to rest, still not really understanding what had happened. According to the rules, she was supposed to participate in interviews and various events for two weeks, and then come on a visit to Russia. But for some reason, the organizers all the time delayed the moment of my trip home. Perhaps it was for the better, because it did not give pride to grow to a universal scale, and I finally confirmed my decision to return home. In America, I saw compatriots, they were proud of the fact that our girls are the most beautiful. Donald Trump (the organizer of the competition, currently the president of the United States. - Note. Antennas) was surprised that so many Russians live in New York and that there are so many Russians working in his company. He took this victory so warmly. I got home only after five months, but finally. I refused the title because I wanted to live and work in my homeland.

I believe that achievements are given to people from above so that they can use them for good. It is necessary to accept tests with dignity and properly dispose of your talent.By my nature I am a peacemaker, and, probably, my main talent is humanity. Soon I had my own charitable foundation in which I work with children, families, help them, develop social programs. It brings me joy. I never thought that I could organize my business. I'm not a businessman by nature. Now my design studio is actively developing. There are still a lot of achievements, but the most important thing is my family (in 2011, Oksana married government employee Andrei Borodin, on 6 March 2012 she gave birth to her son Fedor, on July 22, 2013, daughter Elizabeth. - Note. Antennas). Apparently, before becoming a mother myself, I had to first give love to other children, because in the program “Good night, kids!” I have been working for the sixteenth year. And I also learned that the main force in love, which needs to be shared with others, and in the ability to forgive and believe, no matter what.

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