No one will guess! Secrets of the perfect beach make up

To rest on the sea it is necessary to prepare not only your body, but also a cosmetic bag! We tell how to look irresistible even under the hot sun.

Any girl dreams of looking amazing on the beach. And how to create a beauty image without the right tools and make-up life hacking? What cosmetic products are not afraid of salty splashes or the scorching sun, which make-up would be appropriate on the beach and which summer trends in make-up really should take a closer look? The art director, lead teacher and make-up artist of the ARTBANDA school-studio Daria Bogatova tells the readers of about this.

Daria Bogatova

Girls who can not make up at all and still be at their best can only be envied. But among us there are many who feel insecure without cosmetics. There are circles under the eyes, there is a treacherous pimple ... It is inappropriate to impose a dense tone on the beach, and the risk that cosmetics will flow at any moment is extremely great. But makeup artists know a couple of secrets. Now I will tell you about them.

The basis

As a base for makeup on the beach, it is better to choose a sunscreen moisturizer with very high UV protection - about SPF-15, and for very sensitive skin - SPF-30. Do not forget to protect from the sun the delicate skin around the eyes, and for the lips, choose a caring balm with a UV filter or hygienic lipstick.


Photo: Dmitry Kulakov. Makeup: Daria Bogatova

Ordinary foundation will melt very quickly in the conditions of merciless heat. The task of light toning, leveling deficiencies and protecting the skin from aggressive external influences will be perfectly suited for BB-cream with SPF protection. Despite the fact that practically only creamy products are involved in the beach make-up (that's why it is called “wet”), you can also use light mineral powder with sun-protection ingredients and vitamins, A and E.

If at the beginning of the holiday you want to give the pale skin a warmer shade or emphasize an existing tan, you can use a bronzer. The main thing is to well shade the product so that it does not look like foreign strips on the skin. Bronzer will make the contours of the face clearer, and the shimmer will give the skin a healthy and radiant look.

Eye makeup

Photo: Anastasia Zhuravleva. Makeup: Daria Bogatova

When makeup eyes from the eyeliner and the shadows with a liquid texture is better to refuse, so that the make-up does not smear due to high humidity. Those who still really want to emphasize the eyes with something else other than waterproof mascara, it is recommended to use waterproof eyeliner. You can, for example, bring the lower eyelid with blue kayal and paint the eyelashes with turquoise mascara in order to achieve the fashionable image of the season for a mermaid, and discipline the eyebrows with a waterproof eyebrow. If the cream shadows were not at hand, you can put on a transparent lip gloss on the eyelids - it will give the look of sexuality and attractiveness. Plus, the water flowing down the glitter, will not be able to lubricate the makeup. In combination with color shadows such a tandem will create a very bright, rich accent on the eyelids.

Lip makeup

Photo: Dmitry Kulakov. Makeup: Daria Bogatova

Due to the viscous consistency, the lip gloss is constantly smeared in the wind, therefore, a color or transparent fortified balm of a light consistency is suitable for the beach.

Lipstein glitter, which is absorbed into the lips, leaving a delicate shade on them, is another useful find for beach lovers. It simultaneously eliminates stickiness and does not require thorough staining of the contour.


Photo: Daria Bogatova. Makeup: Daria Bogatova

Makeup for the beach should be made outright, in soft colors. It is advisable to choose a foundation of golden color, and it is better to fix eyebrows with a transparent gel. The shades of coffee, golden and light gray tones play very well in the sun, and azure, emerald or sapphire colors of shades are suitable for a beach party. Apply waterproof terracotta blush with one hand to highlight a natural tan.

Daria Bogatova

In pursuit of a perfect image, don’t apply one layer of cosmetics to another on your skin - it’s better to carefully protect it from UV light and let it rest, besides, many well-known cosmetics brands today offer special product lines for tanning. Naturalness, naturalness and natural tones are the basis of any fashionable beauty image of this summer.

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