Newspaper basket

Good afternoon. Today we are going to make a basket of newspapers with you. We will need for this: -Gazety. -Glue pencil or PVA. -Knitting needle. -Carton. -Scissors - Pencil. - Shot glass. -Acrylic paint. -Lac. -Wrist brush. And so, let's begin. First we take a newspaper and cut it into strips. I’ve got strips 21 centimeters long and 8 centimeters wide.
 cut the newspaper into strips
Cut the strips and start making the straws. To do this, take a needle, put it on top of the strip a little obliquely and start spinning the tube, you need to glue the tip of the newspaper.
 cut the newspaper into strips
You should get these tubes.
 we start to make the tubes
we set the tubes aside. Now we take a cardboard, a glass, a pencil and we will make the bottom of the basket. It is not necessary to take a glass, you can take something else that suits you in size.I just want to make a small basket, so I took a glass.
 we will make the bottom of the basket
We need to cut two circles out of cardboard, two bottoms for a basket.
 cut two circles out of cardboard
Take one circle and one tube.  We take one circle and one tube
The tube must be bent.
The tube should be bent
We will glue this bend to our bottom.
paste to our bottom
So we glue 8 tubes.
glue to our bottom
Take the second circle and glue it over the first circle.
 We take the second circle
That's the basis for our basket. These tubes are the lateral edges of the basket. Now we take the tube, bend the tip and glue it to one edge of the basket.
 side edgesbaskets
We circle it through each horizontal tube, lifting the edge up. We also glue the tip.
 side edges of the basket
We do the following two rows on the same principle, just rounding the edges from different sides.
 side edges of the basket
Now it's time again Put yourself in a glass, insert it inside the basket.
 side edges of the basket
Further weaving continues in the same way as before. The last row will be at the level of the edges of the glass.
 weave the glass
Now we will need to cut off the extra length of the vertical tubes. We will cut the tubes not at the edge of the basket, but one centimeter above the edge, because we will need to grease the edges of the tubes and hide them inside.
 make a basket handle
We do this with all but two tubes. These tubes will be the basis for the handle of our basket and therefore the tubes should be opposite each other. Take out the glass.
make a basket handle
Bend these tubes in the shape of an arc and glue them together.
 make a basket handle
Now strengthen the basket handle, for this we take a glove, grease it with glue and wind the handle. Let the basket dry.
 do the basket handle
The basket is almost ready, you just have to paint it. We take acrylic paint, brush and paint the basket. If the basket turned out to be not very smooth, then the form can be corrected as you need.
 A basket of newspapers
After the paint has dried, you will need to varnish the basket . You can use a transparent varnish, and you can take Kusbak - varnish. In general, this is what we did.
 Basket from newspapers
 Basket of newspapers
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