New Year's beaded Christmas tree

The New Year is coming, and more and more I want to decorate everything around you with something truly festive and unusual. How to decorate your workplace? Indeed, in most cases at the workplace you will not place something bulky like at home. In this case, you can make a Christmas tree out of the beads with your own hands. It will be a wonderful reminder of the upcoming holidays. To make this souvenir you will need: - green or white beads (you can also use another if you want to make an unusual crafts) 25-30 grams; - beads colored placer (it will imitate toys on the Christmas tree); - one piece of silver or white glass beads and a bead slightly larger than the main beads; - thin wire; - stand for the Christmas tree.
will be needed for the souvenir
First you need to make the top of the Christmas tree. For this purpose, a piece of wire about 25-30 cm long is cut off and one bright colored bead is threaded onto it.Then both ends of the wire are threaded in the following sequence: glass beads, bead, primary color bead. After that, four beads of the primary color are strung on each end of the wire. Then both ends are simultaneously pushed through two beads of the main color. After this, beads are strung on each “whisker” of the wire: 4 core, 1 color, 4 core. Everything is fixed by twisting the ends of the wire in three to four turns. As a result, at each end of the wire there will be two such “rings”.
 make lke top img src="" alt="The branches are attached to the base" title="The branches are attached to the base">
The last one bar: fastening in the stand. This should be done with glue. Beads or Christmas-tree tinsel are piled on top of the glue.
 Christmas bead

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